What I Ate Wednesday

American Thanksgiving¬†has got me all FOMO and sad that I’m not eating turkey this week. It’s¬†one of the things I miss about working for a U.S. company: always having Thanksgiving + Black Friday off. (And my birthday! I’m a July 4 moon baby). When is your birthday, by the way? Here’s what I ate on […]

The best surprise of all + weekend adventures

Today¬†is excellent. A planned power outage at work = a surprise three day weekend for most of us office folks. Early Merry¬†Christmas to meeeee! You can imagine my colleagues¬†excitement¬†when we were advised to take the day off. Internal jumping for joy, fist bumps and knowing glances all around. Later this morning, I’m off to run […]

Thinking Out Loud

Hey hey. Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday. This type of post seemed most appropriate since I have a few {random} things to share with ya today. 1. I’ve been making Golden Milk as an occasional¬†bedtime snack/elixir/warm-my-insides drink. I got a little sick of my usual hot water + lemon + ginger + cayenne bevy and […]