Friday Faves

We’ve been enjoying dreamy sunrises and sunsets this week. With temperatures in the double digits, it feels like we’re getting our first taste of Spring. We’re so close! After making it through another dreary winter, it always feels like a great accomplishment, hey gang!? Looking at that first picture reminded me of something different than city […]

Friday Faves: Food Philosophies

Hey gang! Apologies if you had trouble accessing my blog this week. Bluehost tells me they were experiencing both WordPress and server issues. It seems like everything is working okay again – fingers crossed it stays that way. Happy Friday!!! Omg, I am so excited.  How was your week? Anything exciting happening in your neck […]

10 Smoothie Ingredients You Need to Try!

Hi! For the past few months, I’ve been on an almost-daily smoothie kick. I feel so much better when my day begins on a healthy note.  As a result, I’m more energized, happier, and less likely to impulsively reach for sugary treats, extra cups of coffee or green tea . Smoothies can be a micro nutrient powerhouse […]