Fitness Friday: Let’s talk about injuries

Happy Fitness Friday! Question: How many sports related injuries have you experienced and what types? My very first injury occurred at the tender age of 10 when I developed achilles tendonitis. I distinctly recall running across a soccer field and hearing a snapping sound in the back of my leg, followed by collapsing onto the ground in hot, fiery pain. […]

What I Ate Wednesday

Imma keep doing What I Ate Wednesday posts for a while. They’re fun! I woke up to a light blanket of frost outside and my heart sank with the realization that summer is quickly coming to an end. The leaves are already starting to turn yellow! That’s what we get for such an early spring in the Rockies. […]

Weekend: Lake & Glacial Exploration

Another weekend, another adventure. Continuing with my quest to knock out as many hikes and day trips before summer ends, I’d say this weekend was a success. They’re always such a whirlwind! As soon as work wrapped up on Friday, I headed out for a run and made dinner with the BF. We had a pretty wild […]

What I Ate Wednesday

Thought I’d switch things up with a What I Ate feature today. Do you guys like seeing these types of posts? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll keep at it! 🙂 Here’s a look at what I ate last Friday. I woke up with a pukey feeling stomach and immediately blamed the massive apple […]