Fitness Friday: I did a thing

Just like that, another weekend of summer adventure is upon us. I almost cried yesterday when I realized July is almost over. *sob*  Whatcha up to this weekend? Before we get into this week’s workouts and eats, I have a question for you. Which one of you readers knows my BF? REVEAL YOURSELF/Let’s be friends.  Apparently […]

17 ‘Getting To Know Me’ Things

… besides the stuff you already know like my deep affection for mountains, running, peanut butter, Bodypump, etc.  Jen’s post inspired me to bring something else to the blogosphere today, aside from my usual weekly chats about my fitness. You should play along too! 1. What brings you the greatest joy? Oh, where to start. So much […]

Fitness Friday: I CHEATED ON MY LOVE!

I cheated on Mizuno. Whaaa?! I know, I know. Say hello to my new Saucony friends.  I should also mention that as I was taking this photo, I heard, “What the hell are you doing now?! Taking pictures of plants… and your shoes? You are so weird” It was my friend Cam. I don’t bother explaining […]