journal entry: what allowing + alignment feels like

Hi friends! What’s new with you? I have a post coming your way next week that I’m really excited to share with you. It’s all about ‘alignment’ – what it means, how it feels, how to ‘get there’ and why our thoughts and what we choose to think about are a pretty big deal. As […]

Why slowing down speeds things up

I used to be incredibly resistant to the concept of slowing down, relaxing and allowing myself to be still with my thoughts and emotions. I believed journaling and meditation was for sissies who lacked motivation to get shit done. “Why do we gotta sit around thinking and writing about it? Let’s just do it!” I’d say. I […]

allow me to introduce mySelf

i’ve been evaluating my place in the blogosphere + social media world.  thinking long and hard about how i’m showing up. what i have to offer. why i even do what i do. over the past several months, i’ve taken a step back to assess what i wish to accomplish with these social channels, if anything. […]

What I thought about at the beach

Hellooooo! I’m back from my fun in the sun Bermuda vacation and, as always, returning to ‘real’ life with a fresh perspective and appreciation for this crazy life journey of ours. I arrived home extremely ill. A few days before leaving Bermuda, I came down with a bug.  My final days on ‘the rock’ weren’t as adventurous as I hoped […]