Honey-Miso Salmon & Kale

When it comes to travel preparations, do you leave everything to the last minute or prepare in advance? I think I’m a combination of the two – I begin organizing clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. into piles a couple weeks prior to the trip, but don’t actually pack anything until the night before. The nice thing about planning a trip to Hawaii is there’s really no need for dressy clothes.

The last time we went to Kauai (and actually stayed in a luxury resort) I felt overdressed wearing wedges… or make up, for that matter.

The only hour day that I wasn’t a complete beach bum…

I call this my resort look. Underneath the dress were a pair of battered Roxy sandals. Super styling!

And then I changed into mint green heels:

This time around, the extent of my ‘going-out clothes’ are a couple of maxi dresses. I’ll be surprised if I wear them… but you never know.

 Instead of wondering which outfits to pack, I’m more focused on packing food. We have a loooong day of travel ahead of us, and I want to have some healthy snack options on hand.  In case hunger strikes, I’ll be prepared with:

Single serving bags of: rolled oats, flax, chia seeds and cinnamon – for a quick hotel room breakfast.

Flax cereal, assorted trail mixes, bars and fruit leather. I’m a huge fan of Sun Rype’s Strawberry Fruit to Go strips – they’re the perfect refuel snack while running, too.

In this trail mix: tamari almonds, raisins, apricots, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. I made a few different kinds, using ingredients like roasted edamame, sunflower seeds, dried cherries and coconut.

And since food prices in Hawaii are quite high, I’m packing some of my favourite food staples: dry roasted edamame, quinoa, raw hemp protein, Vega smoothie infusions and hemp hearts.

On a completely unrelated note, I made a great honey-miso glazed salmon the other night. Using  honey, miso paste and tamari, I marinated a salmon fillet for a few hours before placing it into the oven.

1 tbsp honey + 1 tbsp miso paste + 3 tbsp tamari

Preheat oven to 400F, line a baking sheet with foil, then wrap the salmon inside. Bake for approximately 15 minutes.

I served the salmon with quinoa, plus a kale/romaine salad using this dressing.


Massaging kale and allowing them marinate in dressing for an hour or so tenderizes the leaves. “You’ll massage kale, but when I ask for a massage you say no?!” Court complained. “Married people don’t touch each other, remember?” I reminded him. True love.

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