Coconut Matcha Waffle

Hey, are you a tea drinker? If so, you’re in for a treat.  I took the flavours of a matcha latte and turned it into a waffle. I know, *another waffle*, but I wanted to create a fun St. Patricks Day treat to go with all the Shamrock Shakes floating around the food blog world. (Canadians, do we even have shamrock shakes? Just green maple syrup beer, right?)

Also, my friend Jen owns a bakery and makes a killer green tea macaron, so basically I stole the idea from her. Thanks Jen! Don’t mind if I do….


Matcha is probably my favorite green tea – it’s mild, creamy and kind of sweet. Court thought I was out to lunch… breakfast? when I made this for him a few weekends ago, but it’s really not that strange. Matcha is used to create green tea ice cream and other confections, and you can find it at DavidsTea or Japanese grocery stores.




  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/2 tsp matcha green tea
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice (I use almond)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil or butter, for cooking

    Whisk the coconut flour, shredded coconut and matcha together (use a matcha brush if you have one), then add the eggs, milk and vanilla. Pour into a preheated waffle iron, or turn it into a pancake.


  • Canned full fat coconut milk (don’t go trying this with So Delicious – you’ll end up with a sad, soggy mess) Or coconut whipped cream.
  • Raw Manuka honey
  • Banana
  • Extra shredded coconut

{To keep it ‘sugar-free’, omit the honey and go easy on the bananas. You’re welcome/I know, I’m a genius. I have like, 40 Nobel prizes ;)}



The green hue (post cooking) is kind of hard to see in the photo, but it’s there. Kind of. It’s green in spirit.

Since we’re on the topic of tea, have you checked out the new spring collection from Davids Tea?


The *new* flavours: Pom Tango, Honeydew Mate, Coconut Oolong (!!!), Daydreamer and Copabanana.

I’m so excited to try coconut oolong!

Also, if you’re mourning the loss of Cocomint Cream, their new tea of the month Coco-LemonThai is pretty amazing. Thumbs up!


What is your favorite tea? 

What kinds of St Pattys Day themed treats are you making? 

11 thoughts on “Coconut Matcha Waffle

  1. The waffles look amazing!

    My favourite teas right now are David’s Tea cookie dough and toasted marshmallow. I haven’t tried their spring collection yet but I am coveting the new teal timolino travel mug. Perhaps I can give hubby a hint for my birthday 😉

  2. David’s Tea has WAY too many good flavors for my poor cupboards to handle. My tea collection is already overflowing as it is, and even with the copious amounts of tea I drink, I can’t seem to make a dent in my collection. Woof. I love a whole lot of different teas, depending on my mood and the time of day, but my absolute favorite will always, always be Hot Cinnamon Spice from Harney & Sons. I order like 10 big bags of that stuff at once just so that it’ll last me through the whole year and I don’t ever have to worry about going without 🙂

  3. I have been LOVING all the green eats that have been floating around blog world over the last couple of weeks, but this my friend…with the exception of my PEA-licious dip I posted today (shameless plug! ;))…is by far one of the BEST! I love matcha tea and actually bought some online over the summer. I used it a couple of times but to be honest, I put it in the “tea cabinet” a few months ago and then completely forgot about it…until JUST NOW! I’ve been meaning to make your coconut waffle for like FOREVER now, but this one may just have to happen first…maybe this weekend? I mean, it’s only right to eat TONS of green food and drink green beer to celebrate the holiday, no? 😉

    My favorite tea? Ugh, just ONE?! I guess my first choice would be Earl Grey, but I have such a tea addiction that my “favorite” is almost always changing!

    • The Davids Tea Organic Matcha is the one I use in my Macarons;) I look forward to trying this recipe!

  4. I tried this out this morning as a pancake and YUM. I actually used regular unbleached flour, and I see in another post you said coconut flour cannot be used interchangeably with grain flours. My pancake turned out well as far as I could tell haha, but where would I get coconut flour? I’d love to make this the right way 🙂

    • Glad to hear it worked out! I meant that if a recipe calls for say, 1 cup of wheat flour, you wouldn’t be able to use 1 cup of coconut flour.
      You should be able to find it at any natural food store or online. 🙂

  5. Hi – These look great! Could you please tell me how many waffles this recipe makes? Thanks!!

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