10 Things About Single-Life {That Are Pretty Darn Great}

Here’s the thing about being fun, “pretty” and single:  I never know how to answer the “why” question.


“I just haven’t met anyone” is my go-to response.  Being single isn’t a bad thing. It can be a wonderful gift that allows you the time and freedom to focus on creating the life you want and trusting that, when the time is right, you’ll meet someone special to walk the journey with. In the meantime, it only makes sense to live  completely on your terms, right? What’s not to love about the following?

1. You get to eat whatever your little heart desires. Snack plates for dinner? Pancakes? Four bowls of cereal? Several spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar? Don’t mind if I do…

2. You will get into excellent physical shape. More solo time? More time in the gym! If working out is your thing, that is.

FullSizeRender 3

3. You get to watch all of your favorite guilty-pleasure tv shows without someone eye rolling, moaning and groaning beside you. For the record, I have NEVER asked a boy to watch Vanderpump Rules or Real Housewives with me. Yet, they always seem to force themselves through it, then have the nerve to ask “Why do you watch this?!”  Um because…

4. You don’t have to constantly explain things like kombucha, acai bowls, kale chips,  Quest bars, green juice – heck, green ANYTHING, overnight oats: what they are, what they taste like and why we eat them. (Although, I must admit, I take great pleasure in introducing men to these)


…. and why we insist on eating and drinking anything and everything out of a mason jar…. (or a near empty peanut butter jar)

5. You can take your sweet ass time figuring what types of boys you like… but more often than not, which ones you definitely don’t like.

First dates can be a lot of fun – who cares if it doesn’t go anywhere? I don’t focus on trying to determine if there’s immediate chemistry and treat it as a an experience: meeting someone new, swapping life stories and creating a unique ‘first date’. Bonus points if it’s something active and outdoors – like hiking! It’s the best way to get to know someone. Nature has a way of humbling people and letting their authentic selves shine through.


6. You and your fellow single lady friends will start a group chat where you’ll share funny pictures and screen shots of all the stupid things boys say to you online.  Most importantly, they’ll be your support system to  remind you that there ARE gems out there, but the dating pool can often feel like shopping at a sparse, barren, dead, desolate wasteland discount store. (Okay, perhaps a tad dramatic) You have to be patient, have fun and sift through the garbage to find the treasure. (So much garbage though…)

Thanks for this contribution, A. 😉

7. You will become a better friend.

It’s easy to let  friendships fall by the wayside when you’re consumed by a romantic relationship – and really, it’s hard not to be in those initial lust-filled months. Your partner should be your best friend, and no better way to practice those life skills than showing up for your homies!  Real talk: my best friends know (the most ridiculous) things about me that I’d NEVER share with a boyfriend. It’s so important to keep a tight circle of authentic friends who make you laugh and let you be who you want to be.

FullSizeRender copy

8. It’s the perfect time to cultivate new hobbies or discover passions you may have not had the time to pursue when you were attached.
Breaking up with my last boyfriend was such a incredible blessing, as it forced me to ask myself some really important questions.  Instead of chasing after a boy, I chased after my marathon goal AND launched Alberta Adventure Girls projects. I “know” I could’ve done these with a man on my arm, but I didn’t have a sense of urgency.

9. You get to re-claim your independence and remember how capable you are of walking the path alone.
It’s no ones job to make us feel happy and fulfilled. It’s completely up to us. See, we have the choice of free will and only our participation is requested. “Misery is comfortable. It’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort” Here is a great article that is guaranteed to change your heart and make you a better person.

10. You can check out hot guys in public and not feel guilty about it. Not one bit. I had a “moment” a few weeks ago that took my breath away.  I was in an elevator and a very nice looking, well-dressed man stepped on. His eyes lit up and said, “Good morning! How are you?”   My face started burning. Oh God….”I’m great! How are you?”
We stepped off the elevator  and looked back at each other at the same time. *major heart palpitations*  I saw him a few minutes later as he was driving away (in a red Audi) and he waved.Those fleeting moments that make you feel special? Oh man, isn’t that the BEST?  It makes me excited for the future. For that first kiss. The anticipation and excitement of a new beginning? SO GREAT.

Over to you, friends! Single or not, what are some things you appreciate (or appreciated) about being solo?


38 Replies to “10 Things About Single-Life {That Are Pretty Darn Great}

  1. Oh my god I love this HAHA. I LOVED my single time! For all the reasons you listed and more. Casual dating is so fun, and being in total control of your own life is amazing. I get the best of both worlds now with having a boyfriend who works out of town most of the time, so for 4-5 days a week I get to keep that “single life” of doing what I want whenever I want.

    I think the biggest thing with being single for awhile in my late 20’s is that it taught me I don’t need a man on my arm. I’m perfectly capable and happy being on my own, being single isn’t a bad thing. Having that independence makes dating entirely different when you don’t NEED a man, you’re only looking for someone who will make your life better than it already is. And that is the answer to “why are you still single?!” 😉

    1. Love hearing your thoughts. Yeah, I feel like I’ve been living the single life for 2+ years because my last BF and I were long distance and I only saw him on weekends.

  2. You know I adore this. I think one of the main reasons I’ve been taking my sweet ass time when it comes to settling down is because I love being single so much. I mean, sure, it can get lonely every now and again, but I love the independence and being able to do what I want/need without having to answer to anyone. I hear that all changes when the “right one” comes along, but for now I’m loving things the way they are.

  3. I love this.

    What I love about being single is that the things that are important to me (fitness, blogging, friends & family) don’t fall to the wayside. Working full time with a kid doesn’t leave a lot of time, and when I’m trying to foster a relationship, some things fall to the wayside.

    I don’t even know where to start with dating. I just want to fall in love with someone in line at a coffee shop or at the bookstore or something and not have to go through the online dating crap.

    1. I hear ya – I really don’t want to go down the online dating path again, but it seems like it’s the only option. I’d much prefer to meet someone in person. 🙂

  4. *sigh* I’m struggling a bit with being single right now but when I enjoy it, its for all the reasons you mention above. What I *hate* about being single is when my paired-up friends try to comfort me by saying stuff along the lines of “all the single guys left are losers anyways…” because that implies that by my age (34), only rejects are single and what would that say about me???

    1. I feel you! I’ve had people tell me the same thing, and you can’t help but wonder if ‘there’s anyone left’. The fact that someone awesome like yourself is single is proof that great people ARE there. You just haven’t met them yet!

    1. I still think you and me would make the PERFECT power couple. We could live our lives happily together in peace, be each others arm candy and go to our separate bedrooms at the end of the day.

  5. This is a fantastic post… thank you for sharing! I got divorced earlier this year and can relate to almost everything you said. Esp #3 😉 I think everyone should take the time to be single and be happy with themselves before trying to make someone else happy in a relationship.

  6. Great list! No doubt there are cons (i.e. Single Christmas. Ugh.), but much of the time I enjoy single life. I like being the “decider” and I’ve noticed it’s easier for me to maintain consistent contentedness when I’m on my own (though that may be a comment on past relationships?). Also, starfishing the bed! I’m small, but I need ALL the space.

  7. AMEN. That Venn Diagram hits too close to home.
    I definitely realize that being single helps me become a better friend, and I’ve also been developing emotionally and spiritually still. When the time is right, he’ll be there. No rush, no rush. 🙂
    Also, sometimes I just want to read blogs and not talk to anyone. Like right now and this New Year’s party I’m at.

  8. Oh my god – #1! I miss that. I love my bf dearly, but he is such a picky eater and it drives me batty sometimes!

    I was single for a LONG time before meeting John and while it frustrated me in the beginning, eventually I truly appreciated that time to work on myself and get to a place where I could happily be in a relationship.

    1. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if a dude was a picky eater. I love to eat, and I love eating EVERYTHING so how would it work?

  9. I love this! I hate when people ask me why I’m still single. I have my whole life ahead of me to find the right guy, but for some reason people have a hard time understanding why I just want to focus on living my life while I can, instead of putting all my energy into finding a boyfriend haha. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes I am jealous of single people. You’re right – sometimes I miss doing whatever I want whenever I want! Not that my husband controls me or anything lol, but when I make a choice in what I want to do with my free time, I do have to take into consideration, my husbands feelings ;p Obviously, I love him dearly, I think sometimes I just wish I had made better use of my time alone than I did. Which you, my friend, are so clearly doing! xo

    1. I totally get it. Even when I’m “with” someone, there are definitely moments where I’m like, ‘damn, I miss the world revolving around ME’ Hahaha

  11. This is so relevant to me right now! Not going to lie, finding the right relationship sounds amazing. Like, someone you actually want to be with all the time? Someone who makes life even more fun? Sign me up! But until that happens, I seriously enjoy spending time figuring out what I like, making my own schedule, and being independent. I can make life pretty fun, too 🙂

    1. Hey Ellen,
      Totally! It’s exciting to think that there’s someone so well suited for us out there, and that’s why it’s kind of easy to wait without anticipation or anxiety, hey?

  12. the best article I have read in a while! Love having time to work on myself and definitely wouldn’t have that time if I had a boyfriend. Also love being able to eat my sweet potatoes and almond butter and stock up on all my protein bars without having to explain to someone that that’s just the life of a foodie. Love my gym and yoga time too!

  13. My favorite thing about single is probably really just getting to explore God’s world and pursuing Him with all my heart which is so hard because there are so many distractions. <3 I hope I'll do the same thing when I get married, but I just want to be in GOd's will, and not pining away after Prince Charming.

    1. Exactly. I think a lot of us romanticize relationships/boys and although they can definitely add value to our lives, they’re not the be all, end all. Our partners should be a nice compliment to our already (awesome) lives. 🙂

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