Weekend: Lake & Glacial Exploration

Another weekend, another adventure. Continuing with my quest to knock out as many hikes and day trips before summer ends, I’d say this weekend was a success. They’re always such a whirlwind!

As soon as work wrapped up on Friday, I headed out for a run and made dinner with the BF. We had a pretty wild evening of grocery shopping, washing dishes and making homemade granola bars. Party animals or what?  Admittedly, I dislike going out at night – especially when it involves party scenes or loud bars. It’s boring to me and I’d rather be a homebody-hermit in my bed watching a tv series, reading or sleeping. Not only that, I hate being tired for my weekend activities. I’m a natural early riser and like getting started on my workout or hike first thing. Every hour of daylight is precious!


My friend Sam (@sam_orr1) and I met up for a hike to Rawson Lake and Sarrail Ridge in Kananaskis. It was nice to see him and catch up on oh, the last year. We shared several deep belly laughs on the trail. He’s just as funny in real life as he is on Instagram. It’s how we became friends! I meet all my friends on the internet now.





After my hike wrapped up, the BF and I enjoyed a pizza date at Rocky Mountain Flatbread. It’s one of our go-to restaurants currently in rotation. We didn’t end up eating until  8:30pm and after a day on the trails, I had no problem downing an entire pizza to myself. To satisfy our dessert cravings, we  ended up in a fudge shop where we asked to sample every single flavour. I find most fudge tastes the same but hey, you gotta be sure!

It was such a beauty of a night in the mountains. Shortly after I took this picture, we got into a little quarrel.


I couldn’t wait until we got home to dig into the fudge.  The BF was holding onto the box and as I attempted to pry it from his hands and proceed to take a bite of each flavour, this happened:
“You’re tearing the box!” he exclaimed.
“I just need a bite!”
From there, he kicked me in the shin and, with a look of bewilderment on his face said,
“You are like… some little food gremlin”
Me: “You kicked me in the shin!”
Him: “Because you were breaking the box and the fudge was going to fall on the ground!”
Me: “So?”




To the Icefields Parkway at once! Been as how it was the BF’s first time in the area, we swung by Peyto Lake for a few photo ops before continuing onto our hike. It’s a heavily concentrated ‘touristy’ area so we didn’t stick around for long. In and out as quickly as possible!


A few kilometres down the road, we pulled over at Bow Lake and began a 2.5 hour hike/trail run to and from Bow Glacier Falls. It’s an easy, relatively flat trail along Bow Lake to the basin of the Bow glacier where we experienced fresh glacial water tumbling down mountainous rock face.





Some of the freshest water on Earth! And yeah, it was cold.

We ran all the way back to Lodge where we bought two cans of Fresca for… wait for this… $7.50!!! We had no idea they cost that much. Can you believe that!? Biggest rip off of life. Two cans of soda. $7.50. I’ll never get over it. I was so fired up that I fell asleep 5 minutes later and snoozed all the way back to Banff.

Back at home, we made a late lunch/early dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I was grateful to get home at a reasonable hour!

Over to you:

How do you meet friends these days? Do you find it harder to meet people as you get older?

Are you a morning or nighttime person? When do you usually go to bed?

17 thoughts on “Weekend: Lake & Glacial Exploration

  1. I’m a complete homebody too. I’d rather be alone or with my family somewhere than in a crowded bar or concert or something. It IS boring. And it just gives me more anxiety than anything. I just can’t get over that blue water and those beautiful views!

    • I definitely get social anxiety in crowded situations. I usually enjoy myself for about an hour, but then I reach a point where I’m done talking/being around people and need to leave immediately.

  2. I’m like you, I really prefer to go to bed early and get an early start the next day. I hate sleeping in because I feel like I’ve wasted my day.
    We are planning to hit up Peyto lake this weekend since we missed it on our last trip. Then heading to Nordegg area, are you raved about it, I want to go check it out.

    • Oh, awesome! Hopefully the weather holds out and the sky is clear so you can take advantage of bright blue lakes! You should do the Vision Quest hike!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I have totally stopped at the Lodge and paid a million dollars for a drink. I’m also a morning person… especially come Friday night no desire to go out! Haha.

    • I get that the food prices will be high because it’s so remote… but SODA IS NOT MORE THAN $1!!!!

  4. Those views will make me cry every day for the rest of the year, I CANNOT EVEN.
    I’m definitely a homebody too, and I’d definitely prefer to do outdoorsy things and work out with a loved one than go to a bar. My bff even made me promise that is go out to party in Dublin this fall haha.

    • HAHAAHA we would make such great IRL friends. I’m so excited for your upcoming move. You definitely need to have at least one party night there!

  5. I think I’m a daytime person. I don’t do mornings but anything after 10pm is too much…..

    I think it’s way easier to meet friends on the internet (but not boys). I legit think all of my closest friends have been formed online and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it.

  6. The crowds are the reason we had the stupid early trip to Peyto Lake (we also hit Louise, Moraine and Bow) the other week. The twins my mom and I were the only ones there for a good hour or so though so it was worth it to me.
    My oldest and one of my twins are both night owls and the other twin is a morning person, apparently that makes me a 24 hours person by force. FML

  7. Homebody (or maybe homeboy? who is to say) over here. I love doing things, but not late at night, lol. I’m the same way as you–if I am holding a food receptacle, I am going to break into it. I have no willpower or control. Thus why my salad bar creations always look like they’ve been half eaten by the time that I get anywhere… they have.
    And again, when am I going hiking with you? DAMN

  8. Man I wish we lived closer! I was actually made fun of when I left a party early because I had been hiking all day and had a long run scheduled for the following morning. I HATE staying up late, I would much rather hang out at home and go to bed early so I can wake up early and have adventures.

    • I wish we lived closer too. Same with Kris. The three of us would make such an amazing hiking/adventure team!

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