Celebrating the day of LOVE + a cute survey about us

Good day! How’s your week going? Did you have a fun Valentines/Galentines Day? What did ya do?! Nick and I thought about going for a ‘nice’ dinner but decided, “Screw it, let’s go for burritos and margs at Magpie instead. That’s more “us” anyway!” I was so grateful to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt to dinner. 😉

Our dinner was so good. We started out with tequila caesars, gorditos and a taco, then moved onto burrito entrees! When we got home, I accidentally ate half a pumpkin pie? heh

I saw this fun couples survey on Facebook and wanted to play along.


We ‘officially’ became a couple on May 21 (I think?) after dating for a few weeks. All I remember is it was May Long Weekend.

First Date?

We went for a trail run then made a snack plate dinner at his house while watching Jurassic Park. I left when his hands started getting grabby. 😀

Do you remember the first movie you saw together?


Who’s oldest?

Me! I’m 32 and Nick is 28. He turns 29 next month. As for who is more mature? Definitely Nick. 😉

Who was interested first?

I think we were both intrigued around the same time but he made all the first advances. I was also reserved and quite guarded for the first few months of our relationship as I slowly opened up and allowed myself to feel “safe”.

Who eats the most?

ME. I usually end up stealing several bites of food from his plate after I’ve finished mine.

Who likes watching tv more?

Him. He always needs the tv on as background noise. I’m pretty sure Nick has watched every single series on Netflix.

Most sensitive?

Me! I feel everything so very deeply. I’ve been told I give off very ‘feminine’ energy. I’m empathetic –  in tune with the emotions and needs of others. Nick is so logical and process-oriented and we balance each other out. He does a great job of bringing me back down to earth when I start floating off into fantasy-land. Hahaha

Worst temper?

Nick. I find he becomes angry or irritated easily, but gets over it right away

Who hogs the bed?

Me. Not only do I have a tendency to sleep in the middle, I steal the blankets. We usually sleep with separate blankets because I like to cocoon myself. (Hey! I got used to sleeping alone for so long that I forgot how to share?)

More social?

Hmmm… I think we’re both equal. Although Nick is pretty shy and quiet when he meets new people. I’ll talk to anyone about anything – I don’t care.

More sarcastic?

He is! Sometimes I’m not sure if he’s joking or being serious because he always has a poker face.

Who makes the most mess?

Here’s the weird thing. Nick is super OCD clean in the kitchen but extremely messy throughout the rest of the house and life. I’m talking  piles of clothes all over the floor, hoarding scrap pieces of paper and “junk” in general. It drives me crazy! As an organized and tidy person, clutter gives me anxiety. Especially when it’s useless items like scrap paper, loose change, pens, food wrappers, etc. I’ve allocated a dedicated “dumping area” for him in my room. I tried giving him closet space, and when that didn’t work, suggested, “Can you keep your mess contained to this one spot on the floor?” #compromise

Who cooks the most?

When we’re together, we share cooking duties. When we’re apart, I cook more for myself, whereas Nick will grab takeout. He’s also into baking, which is fantastic because it’s not really my thing anymore. I’ve requested he make me banana cream pie soon. He said he’s never made one.
Me: “All you need to do is google a recipe and then make it. That’s all”
Him: :I

all I know is: we LOVE to eat!

Who cries the most?

Here here. I can’t help it! Whenever I get overwhelmed with any kind of emotion, I spring a leak. From my eyeballs.

Better driver?

Me! I’m more confident than Nick. He drives like an old man or slightly under the speed limit.

Better cook?

I’d say we’re equal! He’s really great at grilling and tedious kitchen tasks that I refuse to do because I lack patience. He spent 15 minutes making garlic butter the other night, which is something I’d never do. I’m pretty creative with vegetables, too!

Most patient?

Him. With everything.  I’d say lack of patience is my biggest downfall. I want what I want right now.


Over to you:

Who’s the better cook in your relationship? Do you cook together?

What kind of chocolate did you celebrate with for Valentines Day?

19 thoughts on “Celebrating the day of LOVE + a cute survey about us

  1. This is super cute!! I laughed out loud at “I left when his hands started getting grabby.” I also never know when Nick is sarcastic, in the few times I’ve met him he keeps a straight face even when he’s joking so there are no clues that he’s being sarcastic! I love you guys!! Xx

    • HAHAHA glad ya laughed. His poker face weirds me out sometimes. I’m like, why don’t you smile more?

  2. This was cute! I too laughed that you left when his hands got grabby! HA! You guys seem like a really compatible couple! 🙂 And super happy!

  3. Burritos and margs sound pretty perfect to me!

    Oh man, if I ever have to share a bed again it’ll be a disaster. I basically sleep diagonally, though this is partially because of the cats.

  4. I just love this post! It’s always awesome to see people so happy and in love. 🙂 As for the better cook, that’s definitely Ryan. I season with salt and salt alone, he actually mixes spices and herbs.

    • I find most men to be more patient in the kitchen. And well, with everything in life. Haha!

  5. Jo! I stopped reading blogs for the past couple of years but just stumbled back onto yours today to find this adorable post. I don’t know why I’ve still never met you… (and I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve seen Aaron?) but it still makes my heart happy to see you in a happy relationship.
    We might do a weekend trip to Banff to take the kids down the gondola soon. Maybe we can meet up!

  6. Low key Valentine’s celebrations are where it’s at! We always used to go out for nice dinners, but this year we just got takeout pizza and it was our favourite Valentine’s Day yet.

    Also I laughed when you described how Nick drives, because that is totally how John drives too lol!

    • HAHAHA I swear they’re twins! Today Nick turned the car off without putting it in Park AND he didn’t think to turn right on a red light today.

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