What I Ate Wednesday

If I’m running in the morning, I’ll usually eat a light snack of a banana + peanut butter to tide me over and head out on my merry way. NOT THIS DAY. I woke up starving and immediately shoveled half a leftover nut butter filled Clif bar into my face while making coffee. Have you tried these? They’re pretty good! Chocolate hazelnut is the best one. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re “healthy”  because they’re certainly not. But, they make a fun little treat, especially when you’re in the mood for something sweet, chewy and nut-buttery! I definitely plan on buying these for my summertime trail running adventures. I used to pack little containers of nut butter to pair with a Clif bar while running. It’s nice to kill two birds with one stone now!

It was weird that I woke up so hungry – Friday was my sloth-rest day and I literally did nothing except eat ice cream the day before. That being said, I’ve been running a fair amount and my body wants what it wants.

Next up on my plate:

Rice thins topped with peanut butter, a banana + an extra scoop of PB straight from the jar to my mouth + two poached eggs + coffee with Califia Farms almond milk.  I used to be so “meh” about almond milk until I discovered this one. It’s incredibly creamy and rich! It’s always sold out at my local health food store, which makes me 🙁
After letting my food digest for an hour or so, I headed out for my run.

I was glad I ate a normal breakfast beforehand, as I didn’t lose steam and start getting hangry at mile four like I normally would. When I got home, I spent a decent amount of time stretching, showering and re-hydrating with NUUN-infused water until I felt ready for lunch. A sandwich sounded good, so I went with that!

Chicken, mayo, half a Haas avocado (the best), salted tomato slices and red leaf lettuce sandwiched between toasted Silver Hills bread. Plus some salted cucumber slices and miso soup because I was cold.

After lunch, I got to work on making Nick’s birthday cake and while I pride myself on not eating his cake prematurely, I definitely licked the beaters clean.  Mmm, chocolate cake batter.  Always the best part of baking.

I cleaned up my baking mess, then made a smoothie to enjoy in the tub while I soaked and soothed my achey legs. Here’s what it looked like before it looked like shit.

Frozen cauliflower, a few chunks of banana, pineapple, blueberries, fresh spinach, a chunk of ginger, collagen, ice and water. Unless I’m taking my smoothie on the road with me, I almost always eat it straight out of jar. Yes, eat, because that’s how thick I like ’em!

I hated my dinner – it was so unsatisfying! I had a bag of frozen “grilled” vegetables from Costco to use and I tried to make a sauteed vegetable, turkey and butternut squash pasta dish, but the frozen veggies were so bland and gross – despite all of the seasonings and dried herbs I added. I ate most of it because I felt bad about throwing it away and didn’t want to make anything else.

I had a craving for something salty and crunchy after, but since I didn’t have any fun treats around, I settled on a handful of Mary’s Gone crackers. These things always give me the weirdest burps afterwards.

Plus a lime La Croix because I’m addicted to fizzy water. Friends who have Soda Streams – are they worth it and do you actually use it?

Later on in the evening, I met up with Nick. By this point, my craving for salty + crunchy had morphed into full blown potato chip withdrawals (or somethin’) and we swung by the grocery store to remedy it. I saw an ad on Facebook a few days ago advertising Lays wavy salt & vinegar + ketchup chips and I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about them. We also grabbed a bag of hint of lime tortilla chips which I opened and began eating before we left the grocery store. (We’d paid of course)  At home, I went to town on the potato chips along with several bites of of Nick’s birthday cake.

….. and a cherry Coke Zero.

Reflecting on my day of eats, I thought, “Wow I eat a lot of carbs – is that too much?” ; “I probably shouldn’t have ate all that junk food before bed” ; “Omg aspartame” but that’s life, ya know?  At the time, I didn’t overthink my food choices. I just ate what felt good in the moment and ate until I felt satisfied. Granted, I woke up the following morning dehydrated AF and not feeling so great, but…

I’d do it again. 😀

Over to you:

What are some treats you’ve enjoyed lately? 

What do you think of the new Clif bars? Have you tried them?

11 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I haven’t tried the new Clif bars (sugar lol) but they look kind of amazing. You know what’s funny… I am not really a donut person but after this month of no-added-sugar I’m insanely craving a donut. I think it’s because I’ve seen delicious ones on Instagram and they have been present at most of my work meetings but right now I’m just like, “I NEED A WARM FRESH DONUT RIGHT NOW.”

    • Something weird that has happened to me lately is that I love cake donuts more than yeast now. AH!!!

    • is it because you follow @doughnutparty?! because i’m in the same glaze-filled boat as you

  2. I ate paella and the cheesiest ravioli for dinner last night and I have zero regrets. I love that you are in tune with what makes you feel good both physically and mentally when it comes to food!

    Also I’ve never tried a clif bar, but the nut butter filled ones sound right up my alley.

    • I’ve been craving ravioli lately and I need to remedy it.

      How have you never tried a Clif bar?! They’re not amazingly life changing by any means, but they’re an alright sugary-oaty snack and great for travel.

  3. Eating cake batter > baked cake so you win! In fact, I sometimes bake for others just so I get to lick the beaters. Judge me ;).
    It’s so funny sparkling water isn’t the standard over there because it is around here. We used to have a Soda Stream years ago so I’d say get one. They’re definitely worth it in terms of saving money if you like to drink carbonated water.

  4. It’s 11 p.m now and you make me feel so hungry. Mary’s Gone crackers looks so yummy. How sad I can’t buy one because I’ll eat it like crazy then break all the diet rules. But those bars is ok.

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