Friday Faves: Mountaintop dining in Banff

Pooh bear and I had an absolute blast celebrating his birthday on top of Sulphur mountain earlier this week!   My gift to him was the Sky Experience package which includes gondola lift tickets and a two-course meal selection per person at Sky Bistro.

Before dinner, we attempted to enjoy outdoor views, but were personally victimized by the wind and got out of there ASAP. After snapping two pictures, we ran back inside to enjoy the stunning mountain scenery from behind the protection of floor to ceiling glass windows.

The views from Sky Bistro’s dining room are incredible and would make such a dreamy event space for a wedding. I don’t even want to know how many dolla dolla bills THAT would cost. Should we place a bet? My guess is $20k. I’ll call them to ask and let you know.

Unfortunately the food was pretty disappointing, but we’ve come to expect that in the Rockies. Restaurants are always so hit and miss here!  I felt bad about the letdown, but at least Nick enjoyed his birthday card that I picked out *just* for him. I laughed so hard that he *kindly* asked me  to step outside and compose myself.

Since I get this question a lot, my top picks for Banff dining are:

We wrapped up Nick’s birthday celebration by going to sleep at 9:30pm. 😀 He was ready for bed way before me, which is so unlike him. I usually put my eyemask on and nightguard in at 6pm. He says the wine we had with dinner made him sleepy. Why does wine do that, though? Is it the sugar?

Moving along to my current wardrobe love: the Adidas ID Stadium hoodie we received at Adidas’s Here To Create event last month. Apparently it’s a dude hoodie, but whatevs – it’s buttery soft and I basically live in it now.

My (almost) daily Runch. (Or walk, depending on what I’m feeling) Now that the roads are clear and it’s not -234C, it’s nice to briefly break away from the office and spend some solo time moving, BREATHING and releasing the tension that comes with the work day.  I find eating in our communal cafeteria to be a slightly stressful experience. With so much activity and noise, I find myself rushing through my meal so I can get out of there.  I’m much happier to break away from everything and everyone, move my body and eat alone (while working) afterwards.

I can’t help but wonder how much happier and productive employees would be if employers encouraged lunch time wellness. I know some companies bring in yoga teachers or trainers to do mini bootcamp style workouts for the team. I’d love to work for Marriott HQ for that very reason! Treadmill meeting rooms, employee gym and fitness studio, smoothie bar, etc. I’d never leave work. Hahaha.

Over to you:

Do you workout and move on your lunch break?

What have you been enjoying for work lunches this week?

8 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Mountaintop dining in Banff

  1. my bet is $25k for that space. please let us know! haha
    my biggest pet peeve with my work is the lack of flexibility in order to support employees’ work-life balance and provide ergonomic work spaces. also, maybe i’m being negative, but i work in a small office and in an industrial area so no i can’t workout or move or walk outside on my lunch break. 🙁 i stand up and read instead…

    • I used to work in an industrial office space too and would walk laps around the outside of the building, hahaha

  2. Sad face on the disappointing food. You need to go to Vail/Beaver Creek and do mountain top dining there–Beano’s Cabin is freaking AMAZING.
    I try to do my workout first thing in the morning, or first thing after blogging and Ridley’s playtime. I every now and then am in the mood for a lunchtime workout, but usually… I’m just hungry lol

  3. Hahaha, my boyfriend actually just purchased that sweater, though I immediately claimed it! So cozy. Also, do you have a post somewhere on your top hikes/restaurants etc in the rockies? We are from bc and are doing a week road trip in June!

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