Combining two lives is messy

In the span of a few short days, Nick and I moved the contents of his apartment and mine into a storage locker, bought a car, took possession of our condo, repacked most of the contents from the storage locker and moved them into our place, unpacked, made several trips to Costco, Ikea, Homesense, Wal Mart and god knows where else, all while doing our best to peacefully combine our two lives into one home. There were definitely a few freak outs on my end when I saw Nick brought things like a VCR and 72 pairs of “spare” ear buds. A VCR! When I asked him what he plans on doing with it, he said, “Watching VHS tapes.” <– he wasn’t kidding.


To say we’re frazzled would be an understatement, but we’re surviving! 😀 To add another element of stress, Nick is spending the next month in Edmonton transitioning into his new role, while I’ll be working on turning our house into a home. As much as I hate that he’s away (and bawled several times before his departure), it’s temporary and a means to an end. Our relationship is rock solid and I know we’ll make it work.  I’m really glad I hit up a Sunday morning Orangetheory class while he packed the car up because it would’ve made me extra sad! 🙁

On Friday night, Nick made one of his family-favourite “Grandma” desserts he’s been telling me about. It was delicious. The crust is a base of crushed Ritz crackers and a lotta butter, followed by a layer of pistachio pudding, then vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Anyone else feel like 1950’s desserts are due to make a comeback soon?

Amidst the messiness of moving, we’ve taken little breaks here and there to take the edge off. One day we stopped by Starbucks for late afternoon frappuccinnos. They were pretty good, but it gave me the runs 😀 and I started breaking out pretty bad the next day. Not sure if that treat was worth it, hahaha.

The first room I unpacked was the kitchen. I’m already loving how much less expensive groceries are here.  Don’t you love the feeling of having a fridge full of fresh, colourful foods? It’s the best! I love just opening the door and staring at all of my oranges and raspberries. 😀

Literally, as soon as we had all the boxes inside, I told Nick I was getting started on the kitchen. This girl needs to cook!

I ate this bowl of peanut butter oatmeal with eggs before Orangetheory. Lately, my favourite breakfasts have been:

oatmeal + eggs
overnight chia pudding with almond milk, berries, banana, peanut butter & protein powder 
overnight oats with banana slices, peanut butter, cinnamon & protein powder
eggs + berries 

On a side note: have you noticed people are afraid of bananas on social media now? lol!!!

I’ve also started reading this book that I’ve had sitting on my bookshelf for over a year. I’m looking for new ideas on how to organize our lives and stuff as we merge our lives.  A messy house is a messy mind and it teaches you  how to get your house in order so you never have to tidy it again.  Clutter and “having too much stuff” is something that really stresses me out, whereas Nick is on the other end of the spectrum – he’d rather put extra stuff into storage ‘for a rainy day’. The process is extremely straightforward: half heartedly cleaning and tidying your house in small/daily increments doesn’t work and that’s why we never get anywhere, or we revert back to clutter. You have to properly simplify and purge the contents in one clean sweep, only keeping what you love, and find a place for every single individual item.

Even as a minimalist neat-freak, this book is blowing me away. It’s all about changing our behaviors that lead to clutter and accumulating too much stuff in the first place AND providing life-hack tips on how to better organize our personal items.

The next room on my agenda is the living room, which will double as a workspace for Nick when he’s home.


Here’s what I’m using for inspiration:

Over to you:

Have you read that tidying book? What were your biggest takeaways? I loved the tip on rolling your clothes instead of stacking them in drawers so you can see them AND take up less space.  

Which breakfasts are you eating and loving lately?

16 thoughts on “Combining two lives is messy

  1. Your new space looks beautiful! And cheaper groceries must be such a relief. I would be very excited about that! Maybe I need to pick up a copy of that book… Definitely living in a small space forces me to be clean and not hold onto a lot of stuff.

    I have been on an overnight oats kick lately for breakfast!

  2. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!! I think you guys have done unreal changing 21807 things in your life in like a week, and not killing someone/each other/IKEA employees. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your new place!

    • The kitchen is my favorite spot in the house – so much storage! Ahhh

  3. Bringing lives together is like eating bbq–you have to find happiness and fun in the mess. I was lucky–Alex didn’t have much to contribute to our combined lives, so I just got to take over, lol. I WANT THAT KITCHEN

  4. Your space looks stunning!! You guys have had a busy few days, jesus! Where exactly are you in Calgary now?

  5. Howcome you put your stuff in storage? Just had too much of the same things? And your kitchen is pretty 🙂

    • Nick had to be out of his place several days before we got possession of the condo + we needed the extra space to store things like winter tires, bikes, etc.

  6. I only know the combination of 2-3 lives when moving throughout college, but I think that’s a little different from your situation 🙂 Best of luck with the transition. It’s good to hear that you guys have a rock solid relationship to hold you through the adventure!
    I am a fan of overnight oats forever. I’m into Greek yogurt bowls lately too! But what is this nonsense about people being afraid of bananas!?

  7. Your place looks beautiful! Congrats on moving in together!! I feel your pain re storing stuff though.. I am a minimalist and my husband keeps everything (like clothes from 10 yrs ago he never wears!). I keep telling myself it’s not a deal breaker… LOL. Good thing I love him!

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