What I’ve been eating this week!

I never understood what people meant by “shake out runs” and how they could be beneficial but GOOD LORD – I do now. Last Sunday’s Orangetheory class left me so unbelievably sore that it hurt to walk for three days afterwards. I forgot to re-hydrate and re-fuel in a timely matter after class and did I ever pay for it. They say the magic window is 30 minutes-ish, but after a hard workout, it usually takes a little while for my body to want food.

Sunday night’s dinner was leftover sushi, miso soup that contained a variety of fun mushrooms, sauteed zucchini and asparagus. I always crave salty foods and seafood when I’m on the P.

People have been asking if it was hard to leave Canmore and it wasn’t. I thought I’d feel sad or homesick – like the same feeling you get when your plane is taxiing down the runway and departing your favorite vacation destination (for me, that’s Hawaii). But I’ve felt nothing but relief and excitement since moving to Calgary. I drive to Kananaskis everyday for work, so maybe that’s why I’m not sad. Also, my commute isn’t much different. When I lived in Canmore, my commute to work was 45 minutes. From the city, it’s an hour door to door.

I ditched my Monday runch (lunch + run) plans and opted for a walk instead. The weather is finally getting SO nice here!

Work lunch salad. Mixed baby greens, spinach, beets, carrots, cucumber, a little goat cheese, dried cranberries, pickles, roasted potatoes and chicken. I have a salad for lunch every weekday – I love ’em! For hormonal health reasons, I’m trying to stay away from dairy except for occasional ice cream or pizza treat but sometimes ya just need some goat cheese in a salad!  Looking back on my childhood of recurring tonsillitis and GI issues – I instinctively knew milk was bad for me then. The thought of it made me feel gross and I dreaded drinking it. Milk was pushed on kids back in the 90s. Is it still like that now? Schools used to have milk programs and we’d *have* to drink it at lunch or we wouldn’t get a gold star – hahaha.

I found these Suja strawberry balsamic drinking vinegars at Costco and they seemed like a good purchase, but I’m not a fan.  It’s like drinking salad dressing. I’ve been using them to wash down my supplements, but they’re not a drink to sip on and enjoy like Kevita or kombucha. Thumbs down. I’ll stick with my own homemade apple cider vinegar concoctions from now on.

Mini Clif bar

Smoothie bowl topped with Love Grown chocolate Power O’s. I hope Costco starts carrying this brand soon!

Fritatta with asparagus, grape tomatoes, zucchini and basil. Fritatta’s are such a great way to use up veggies!

Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream. I bought this because it was on sale for $5. I liked this flavour but the PB+Cookies was soooo disappointing. It tasted like nothing! Coconut Bliss still reigns at my #1 non-dairy ice cream. Have you tried So Delicious cashew milk ice cream yet? How is it?

Fritatta + Silver Hills Squirrely toast

Fresh berries. Costco’s organic strawberries are always worth the extra $2 – they’re so tender, sweet, juicy and colorful! They remind me of fresh strawberries from the garden.

More fritatta. This one had turmeric, spinach, asparagus, onion and roma tomato.

Over to you:

Do you eat the same thing for work lunches? What do you usually have?

Favorite “healthier” and “treat” cereals? For ‘healthy’ – I like mini shredded wheat, Power O’s, plain Cheerios and Chex. For “treats” – Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kashi Autumn Harvest, Honey Nut Cheerios (the cereal of my childhood) and Cinnamon Chex. I also LOOOVE mixing 3-4 types together – I learned this from my Dad.

8 thoughts on “What I’ve been eating this week!

  1. Yeah I bought that Suja juice too and it was no bueno. Although, Liam asked for some and drank it without complaint.

    I usually have salad for lunch as well but I am getting tired of my usual combos and need to switch it up some.

    What’s a healthy cereal?! Hahahaha, I love corn pops, capn crunch, mini wheats and count chocula.

    • lol! GOOD POINT. To me, “healthy” cereal is anything without added sugar – like shredded wheat, plain Chex, plain Cheerios, etc.

  2. I love LG Chocolate O’s. They might have been the cereal that I had 4 bowls of that night…
    Look at those gorgous Fritattas! SO PRETTAY

  3. PLEASE go try the so delicious salted caramel cluster flavour! it’s soooo so good. i love regular ice cream and gelato but this is on par ! 🙂
    i used to have a salad every weekday for lunch for simplicity’s sake, but for the past several months i’ve tried adding in more wraps, sandwiches, and leftovers. helps it from getting boring!

    • Alexa! As per your recommendation, I bought that So Delicious ice cream on Friday and I’ve already eaten most of it. SO good! Thank you. How are the other flavours?

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