A fun surprise

Sunday morning was so beautiful – sunshine and blue skies before rain showers rolled in. It’s been doing that a lot lately.

I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when Nick messaged me late last week to tell me he was coming home for a few days. He’s been working a stretch of 10-12 hour days with little sleep and no days off. Unsurprisingly, he arrived home completely exhausted and sick.  He came bearing donut gifts though! What a guy. (I actually sent him about 3 text messages a day reminding him to grab these on the way out)

Birthday cake cookie dough, coconut, sour raspberry, plain glazed & rhubarb cardamom fritters. They were good, but I prefer cake donuts.

The modern day ‘work grind hustle’ bothers me. During my commute home last week, one of my Japanese coworkers was telling me about his old life back home – how he never saw his friends because they were all working non-stop.  Japanese folks don’t take vacations because they’ll lose their job. Work-life balance isn’t a ‘thing’ like it is here. (And even then, I think it ours could be dramatically improved. All of the sitting and trading 8 hours of time  for money – like why 8 hours? haha) He confessed people work themselves to death – either from stress-induced illness or suicide. The way he shared this info – like it was NBD surprised me.  “Why doesn’t anyone say no?!” I asked. But that’s not how it is there. He said he misses home, but won’t go back, as he doesn’t want to spend his life working long hours – and I can’t blame him. I’d feel the same way.  To me, a lifetime of long, grueling 10+ hour work days doing things you’re not overly passionate about doesn’t sound like success or fulfillment. In my own life, I’m still trying to figure out how to work less and live more. 😀

Some highlights of mine and Nick’s time together:

-Hit up Orangetheory & Rumble Boxing (we loved Nate’s class – he’s an excellent teacher!) I really want to get a punch pass for Rumble someday.

-Followed by a pitaya bowl snack after boxing. I always leave Rumble drenched in sweat. Like wring your hair out kinda sogginess.

-Enjoyed happy hour + steaks at The Keg. We were both craving a good steak, baked potato and Caesar salad that day.  Date night in the ‘burbs – woooo! 😀

-Followed by a trip to Bulk Barn for movie snacks. He was in charge of the candy, I picked the chocolate.

-Emptied the remainder of our storage locker

-One night we made veggie soup and sandwiches for dinner. I’m having a moment with marble rye – it’s so, so good.

-Had a lover’s quarrel over Nick’s VCR and random non-sensical items taking up space. I’m wondering how a hoarder and a minimalist can meet in the middle.

-Got library cards

-Admired these cute mason jar kale plants. Okay, I thought they were cute, Nick thought they were dumb and “hipster-y”

-Participated in the Sport Chek Mothers day run! My friend Madison got sick the day before and couldn’t make it, so I gave her bib to Nick. I swear everyone is getting sick right now, myself included.  It wasn’t my best run and I didn’t care about my time or trying to run fast.  I felt fatigued and my body was so done/dead from several days of hard workouts.  I think this was the first race where I didn’t wear my watch!

After we crossed the finish line, Nick and I headed over to the massage tents for a quick rub down.

My glutes were miserable and they did the most unusual thing…. when the RMT dug her elbow into my priformis and rotated my leg, my butt began twitching and spasming like crazy. “I’ve never felt a muscle do this before!” the therapist remarked. It was so weird – it was as though I was hooked up to an electro-stimulation machine on full blast.

Side note – I am sooooooo beyond excited for some rest days. I’m not going to work out again until all of the soreness and stiffness in my body has vanished.

Post run breakfast. Nice lil sweet & savoury mix. You should know that one of Nick’s greatest pleasures is pouring maple syrup on his hash browns. <– yuck!!! He said the same thing when I put bacon on my strawberry jam toast.

-Made slow cooker chili + bread for Sunday dinner. Perfect for a rainy evening. I think my diet was 90% carbs that day. 😀

And that’s pretty much it! How was your weekend?

Do you prefer sweet or savoury breakfasts? Do you make anything fancy-ish on weekends?

Best workout you’ve enjoyed lately?

How many rest days do you take each week?

3 thoughts on “A fun surprise

  1. I definitely take my time more with breakfast on the weekends, though not anything crazy fancy. It’s just nice to slowly sip your coffee instead of burning your tongue and running to work haha!

    Soccer last night was the best workout lately – I really need to do more sprint workouts to prepare for that shit.

    I take one rest day each week (sometimes two), never a specific day, usually just when my body says “HELL NO” and that falls often the day after my 90-minute spin class. Go figure, ha. Looks like a fun weekend – congrats on your races you two!!

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