6 things I love about Orangetheory Fitness!

Some of the most popular search terms on my blog are related to Orangetheory Fitness – what to expect and how to prepare etc so I thought I’d share a post on what I love about it!

Throwback to a class Nick and I took earlier this year.

  1. Every class is different which continually challenges your body and keeps the boredom-workout rut feeling at bay. Orangetheory workouts are categorized and structured into strength, power and endurance components. One day might be focused on endurance where you could run, jog or walk for distance, followed by an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) strength circuit. Other classes combine a mix of endurance and power. One of my favorite workouts that I completed this week looked like this: (Pulled  from a Reddit forum)Treadmill (22.5 minutes)3 min push at 2%, 90 sec base, 2 min push at 3%, 1 min base, 1 min push at 4%, 45 sec base, 45 sec push at 5%, 30 sec base, 30 sec push at 6%, 30 sec all out at 6%, 1 min walking recovery, 30 sec push at 5%, 30 sec all out at 5%, 1 min walking recovery, 45 sec push at 4%, 45 sec all out at 4%, 45 sec walking recovery, 1 min push at 3%, 1 min all out at 3%, 1 min walking recovery, 1 min push st 2%, 1 min all out at 2%
    Floor (22.5 min): burpees (20), TRX pull ups (10), TRX triceps extensions (10), swing lunges / pendulum lunges (5 each), squat jacks (10), push ups (10), sit ups (10), 400m row. Decrease burpees by 5 each round & decrease row by 100m each round.2. I don’t have to plan my training.  As someone who struggles to strength train without guidance, supervision and constant direction (I sound like a small child- ha!) OTF keeps me engaged and motivated. When it comes to setting yourself up for success – with anything- it helps to confront the brutal facts about yourself. I know I’m going to be bored, unhappy and unmotivated when I’m on my own in the weight room, so I purposely seek out group fitness classes where I know I’ll have fun. Life’s too short to force yourself into doing things you don’t enjoy.

    3. You’re part of a team and there’s a genuine sense of community, which you just don’t get at regular big box gyms. People are willing to pay more for the experience of a boutique fitness studio because of how it makes them feel during and after.  It’s not just about the workout.
    Big box gyms are great at providing a service, whereas studios like Orangetheory, Soul Cycle, Barre3, (and all of our beloved local studios) etc provide  best-in-class hospitality.  One of the reasons why these boutique studios are so wildly successful is because they seek to hire employees who possess specific behavioral and social skills: they’re authentic, warm, welcoming, empathetic, motivational, trustworthy etc. Remember – it’s not so much what they know – it’s how they make people feel.  Learning and teaching technical skills is the easy part. They’re not just trainers – but rather, hospitalians.

    4. After my workout, I feel incredibly energized for the rest of the day. As a result, I’m happier and more enthusiastic and optimistic about all areas of my life! 😀 Things could be going sideways at work and I’m all calm, cool and 😎 about it.

    You know those days when you’re just totally on 🔥 during your #Orangetheory workout? #KeepBurning

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    5. It feels like an investment – not only towards my physical health, but my emotional and spiritual well being. You know how sometimes a gym membership feels like wasted dollars and you’re not sure if it’s worth it? I don’t get that with Orangetheory. I know I’m getting my money’s worth and the positive impact that transcends into all areas of my life is priceless. 😀  I’ve shifted some things around in my budget so I can afford it. I carpool to work, rarely eat out or buy ‘stuff’ – like makeup, clothes, books, vacations, etc. I value my gym membership more than material goods.

    6. It’s a nice middle ground between a generic group exercise class and a personal trainer. It’s inclusive of all walks of life and I’ve seen everyone from pregnant women, senior citizens and people returning to exercise from extreme illness or injury in class.  If you can’t run, you can walk. If you can’t walk, you can cycle. There’s tons of modifications available and the trainers do a great job of providing alternatives and coaching you through it.

My BFF Ryan has gotten really into fitness and eating well these past few months. So proud! <3

Lastly, to answer your question on how to prepare for class:  I dress as though I’m going for a hot and sweaty run: tank, shorts or capris and indoor running shoes.  I bring electrolyte water (I’m a serious salty gross sweater) and a small towel. Most importantly, I pound a bunch of water beforehand and eat. If I’m taking a 6am class, I eat a small banana, peanut butter, water and coffee with a normal breakfast after. If it’s on the weekend, I prefer eating a normal breakfast (eggs + oats/fruit) a couple hours before.

Over to you:

Which studios have you found an awesome sense of community at? What keeps you coming back for more?

What are some popular search terms you get on your blog? Aside from OTF, I get a lot of Hawaii, clean beauty products and DIY roasted almond inquiries.

Do you eat before workouts? What do you usually have?

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  1. I love OTF and I love the community feel at different studios. I think it would be hard to go back to a box gym regularly after experience all the cool studios that feel like home.

    I get a lot of search terms about Edo Japan and date night ideas

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