A slow weekend + what I’m bringing to Bermuda!

Can someone please explain why this summer flew by so fast? Seriously. Where did it go! Why does this always happen to us? Every year, I tell ya.  I swear it just last week that I booked a flight to Bermuda and now here we are. Getting ready to to jet set off onto another adventure. 😀

Did you have a nice Labor Day weekend? How did you celebrate the last long weekend of summer? Mine was chill and filled with plenty of self-care.

I ate avo egg toast before the gym on Sunday. Do you think we’ll ever get sick of this combo?

Want to know something I truly enjoyed about this summer? Compared to previous years, it was quieter. I used to feel like I always needed to be doing something productive. Like I had to keep up with the world and everyone around me. Working on my blog, hiking up a mountain every weekend, experiencing new things. This year has been more about being who I really am + want to be. I’m in a place where life feels like it’s just flowing with ease and I’m riding a wave of wellness. It doesn’t mean I’m sitting back and not trying to accomplish anything. It’s more like this…

I’ve allocated daily time to sit in silence, enjoy nature walks, take nourishing sea salt/essential oil baths and think + write about what makes me happy and what I want more of.  And then life takes care of the rest.  Old me used to go through life frantically trying to figure out what to do + what appropriate action to take. Trying to rely on myself to get everything done.  I thought action meant I’d get what I wanted quicker, and then I’d feel better. But guess what? It’s the other way around.

I’ve been doing most of my pondering in the tub lately. I adore Saje’s lemon essential oil for energizing morning baths!

The inspiration, clarity and knowing “what to do” comes when we’re tapped  into that wellness current. When we think about why we want anything – it’s because we think we’ll feel better when we get it. But what if we focus on being peaceful, joyful, happy first? What if, before knocking out another goal list or chasing ‘the shoulds’, we believe the things we want already exist (and they do) and trust they’re coming? How does that feel? It feels nice, doesn’t it? These are the questions and experiments I’ve been conducting on myself and holy shit. There’s no going back.  Think of it as exercise for the intuition. And is there anything better than that? Deep, unwavering knowing of what’s right for you, who you are and what you’d like to do? Mmm.

My gut feeling led me towards self care on Labor Day weekend. At first, I thought I should go for a couple hikes buuuuut intuition was like, “you need a deep tissue massage. slow mornings. baths. long sleeps. time to relax”

So that’s what I did. I booked a massage, acupuncture + cupping and a pedicure because homegirl’s feet were looking rough.

I took a couple late morning Orangetheory classes with a gf, deep cleaned my kitchen cupboards and countertops (and went on a fly killing spree! Omg they’re terrible this year) foam rolled my back, stretched my hips while watching Real Housewives, drank green smoothies in the bathtub, bought a new journal and wrote down my September intentions. Homesense is THE place to get journals right now, guys!

Enjoying as many summer smoothie bowls as I can! I’ve been using Herbologie (Edmonton brand!) botanicals in my smoothies + bedtime elixir of water + magnesium + Recovery powder (it’s a blend of turmeric, pine pollen & cinnamon to help reduce inflammation)

Everyone is going crazy for pumpkin candles, but Imma be over here enjoying my beach scented candles instead. In the quest to furnish my condo, I found this chair and pillow. When it comes to decorating I’m very much,  “I’ll know what I’m looking for when I see it”

Lastly, I finalized what I’m bringing with me on vacation. I’ll be rushing home from work on Tuesday to hit up Orangetheory, shower, eat and catch a red eye.

A few faves  I’ll be bringing with:

Fig POM tank
Beautycounter skin tint foundation + dew skin tinted moisturizer + SPF
Rocky Mountain Soap sunscreen (the best!)
S’well bottles – I’m brining one for water + one for beach cocktails. Did you know the big ones hold a full bottle of wine? Ha
Floppy beach hat

Beach books
My new favourite lululemon Pace Perfect  shorts (I bought a couple colours from the we made too much section. I love them more than Run Speeds!)
Cat eye sunnies
Fig EPI top – for travel to and from. Their clothing is the best! It’s so soft and functional. Use JOANNA20 for 20% off your order! I don’t get any $ kickback, just a discount code to share with y’all!

Over to you:

What were some of your favourite summer highlights?

What are you looking forward to most about fall?

Fav season?

2 Replies to “A slow weekend + what I’m bringing to Bermuda!

  1. Your life sounds so unintentionally intentional right now. I love it. I bailed on going to run club last week because I just didn’t feel like socializing and needed some ‘me time’ and an evening to myself but in my head I kept coming up with all the reasons I should tell people I wasn’t going – it was too hot and smoky, I wanted to strength train, I didn’t want to wait for a specific time to run and needed my evening free, I was tired – but then I realized I don’t NEED a reason. I just didn’t want to go and needed time for me. That is enough. I don’t have to justify my life to anyone. It was very liberating. I think my summer was a bit “do ALL the things,” but it’s been a process of learning when I need to say no to things (e.g. run club) and when I should go all-in for things my soul needs. Ramble over. 🙂 I totally also noted that I wanted to make more ‘soul connections’ this month!!! Love ya girl, enjoy your vacay!!

  2. Something Rose Dewit Buccater taught me–always a large brimmed hat.
    This summer has been interesting for me. Quieter in that Alex and I aren’t traveling like crazy like last year, but very busy and all over the place thanks to work. I’m really excited about aspects of fall (hello, getting closer to meeting Yoshi!), but it also means that we will be running out of time to just be a little solo family.
    I want to go to the beeeaaaaach

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