What I thought about at the beach

Hellooooo! I’m back from my fun in the sun Bermuda vacation and, as always, returning to ‘real’ life with a fresh perspective and appreciation for this crazy life journey of ours.

I arrived home extremely ill. A few days before leaving Bermuda, I came down with a bug.  My final days on ‘the rock’ weren’t as adventurous as I hoped they’d be, but at least I got to suffer in paradise, hey?! 😀
Traveling home wasn’t fun. As luck would have it, the flight leaving the island was delayed which meant I missed my Toronto connection and got home much later than anticipated. I felt really bad for the two gentlemen on either side of me en route from Toronto to Calgary. I was snotting, coughing, burning up and trying to not burst into tears from frustration. I just wanted to be home!

Visiting my friend’s hotel

I’ve spent the past few days recovering in bed and finally made it to Orangetheory on Sunday morning. It felt awesome to be back in one of my happy places, getting my sweat on, moving my body and feeling the return of that sweet, nourishing.

Something that felt different about this trip was that I didn’t overly care about photo documenting everything. I didn’t take many pictures. Surely I took pics of incredible places and a few special moments here and there. I liked chatting with you guys on my early morning Instagram stories, too. 🙂

For the most part, I was taking it all in through my senses and not my phone and camera. I thought back to vacations from my past – before social media and smartphones were a thing. The best times in life are when you’re living it and not trying to capture every single moment it via technology. I certainly hope sharing my adventures inspires y’all to travel, explore the outdoors and your own little inner worlds, because that’s what you do for me. The people I follow on social media inspire me to live better. <3

South shore beach views

Inside my backpack, I kept a notebook in case inspiration compelled me to write and ‘flow’. Here’s what I thought about while I was gazing out at the ocean.

who am i? (I think it’s important to check in with yo’self regularly to make sure you still like what you’re doing and what you’re creating!)

the only thing i know how to do is...

to follow my heart. to be me. i trust the feelings and emotions that come from within me.  i love knowing that everything is working out for me. i love the journey i’m on. it’s fun knowing i can’t mess this up – ever. life continues on.  there is bliss, peace and serenity in the moment. i feel calm when i pause and listen to the wisdom inside my heart. i’m ok with not knowing what’s going to happen or knowing it all right now. everything is revealed in time. there are no endings. you never have to ‘start over’. you just keep moving forward.

Horseshoe Bay

you can take paradise home with you. it’s accessible to us at any given time. i love vacations because they make it easier to be in the moment. to be.

that feeling of knowing there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to be other than who i’m being right now. vacations allow us to pause  and allow our natural states of happiness, peace and joy to lead the way. being instead of doing. what if we allowed ourselves to feel that everyday? what if we allowed life to be easier? what if we allowed the perfection of our inner being to guide us instead of relying on external environments to satisfy us? external situations don’t last and that’s why we feel sad when it’s time to go home. it’s not about the place. it’s about the feeling. it’s always about going within and tapping in. what if we stayed tuned into that current of wellness? of being?

being here today reminded me of this truth:

all things are possible. life is meant to be savoured. we don’t have to rush through life or accomplish anything quickly. the joy is in the journey, always. it’s only ever about the journey. there is no end. so stop rushing. slow down. savour.

Horseshoe Bay


salt water is healing. being in the ocean feels like returning home. i love surrendering to the surf. letting the waves crash over me, giving into the natural rhythms of the current. feeling my connection to this physical world and the energy that creates worlds.

Clearwater Beach

be carefree like a palm tree. it stands rooted in who it is, but surrenders to the breeze.

remember who you are, surrender, let go, trust, enjoy the process.

be light and carefree.

Coral Beach Club dinner views

keep things on the light side. life is all about great fun, deep connection and creation. i love being in tune with my heart and intuition. it takes me where i need to go and never leaves me where i was.

Jobson’s Cove

don’t worry about trying to get it all done, because it’s never done. as one desire is satisfied and experienced, another is born. expansion.  i manifest like a motherfucker. i am worthy, capable and excited about experiencing my life’s greatest dreams. life expands as i expand.

Plumerias! My favorite flower

the universe is on my side. we co-create. we have fun. part of my life purpose is to teach. to soften. to lead by example. i want everyone to know that life can feel so god damn good.

it’s nobody’s job to satisfy me or make me happy. it’s not my job to make anyone happy. i only care about who i’m being and the energy that i put out there into the world. i take care of myself first so i have something of value to offer the world and everyone i meet.  i’m comfortable in my own skin. i love what i’ve learned and how i’ve used painful times to teach me about contrasts. i used to be ashamed of my softness – of the depths of my emotions. my curious spirit. i thought it made me weak. but it was the other way around. hiding who i really am weakened me, pulled me away from the life that i wanted.


Rum Bum beach bar. I loved this place! They make the best pina coladas

What surprised me about Bermuda was how HOT and gorgeous the entire island was. I had no idea it was so lush, tropical and beautifully landscaped. The hospitality and friendliness of Bermudians surprised me. Everyone takes care of everyone. People actually talk to each other and say hello to strangers. Isn’t it weird how I’m more surprised by generous and friendly gestures vs someone on the street back home who ignored me when I smiled at them?

Jobson’s Cove

I met a taxi driver named Vic that I felt an instant kindred connection to. We chatted about ‘what’ makes the locals so friendly and he said, “I’m not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with our slower paced life and connection to nature. Plus, it doesn’t cost or take anything to be kind. Really, how hard is it to be kind?” he laughed.

I spotted a book in the backseat titled, The Ministry of Healing and how we all need sunlight, air water, good food, exercise, healthy relationships and nature to thrive. “I love this book! This is exactly what I believe and talk about” I exclaimed.
“It’s yours; keep it”; Vic said. <3

Don’t you love connecting with people on the same wavelength as you? So satisfying.

I miss our chats. Tell me what’s been going on with you lately. What did I miss while I was away?

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  1. “be carefree like a palm tree”
    This little rhyme is my new mantra! Thanks for a great post and I’m glad you enjoyed your vacay in that beautiful place!

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