allow me to introduce mySelf

i’ve been evaluating my place in the blogosphere + social media world.  thinking long and hard about how i’m showing up. what i have to offer. why i even do what i do. over the past several months, i’ve taken a step back to assess what i wish to accomplish with these social channels, if anything. there were moments when i thought i should  delete everything and move on with my life anonymously… or perhaps reveal myself in another light.

while this isn’t a ‘i’m quitting my blog’ statement, it is a pledge to you that i’m done masquerading behind the masks and identities as a healthy living blogger, runner, marketing manager, adventurer and whatever else society says i am. yes, those descriptions are still used in my blog + social handles but those are things i like doing; they’re not who i am.

i have deleted almost everything from my blog because it no longer felt authentic to me.  i have so much appreciation for where i’ve been and who i was. but where i was isn’t where i’m going and who i was is no longer in alignment with me.

life is about becoming more of who you really are.

i want to share my life with you in a different, more meaningful way. i’m confident you’ve already noticed the shift in my voice on instagram. i’m  interested in talking about the human experience – shit that actually matters.  connecting with hearts. i’m here to be a friend and faithful to companion to others on their personal journeys.  i have lost followers and blog readers, but that’s okay. i don’t have much to offer in terms of practical ‘healthy living advice’ – what so many people *think* they’re thirsty for. i want to be soul food; not eye candy. green smoothies and soul cycle don’t fix anything – you do.

when i ask close friends what their perception of me is, they describe me as funny, inspiring, courageous, fit, dedicated and pretty. “that infectious laugh of yours!” they say.

allow me to introduce myself again.

i am joanna.

i am a simple quantum living kind of girl with wild, messy blonde hair and a sense of wonder.  i see myself in everyone i meet.

i thrive on intelligent conversations with substance and deep connections. i am a woman who allows my desires to illuminate my path, while intuition leads the way. i don’t fight for what i want and instead, surrender to the delicious unfolding of it.

i live life to the fullest. always and ever expanding. i understand i’m the creator of my own reality and life experience. i’m deeply passionate about connecting with my inner being. i appreciate the things around me and everything that’s coming. my life experience has been filled with beautiful contrasts that have deepened my understanding and appreciation for what is wanted. i am never going to complete everything and experience it all, because in doing so, i’d be trying to stop the universal forces of expansion. and that’s not possible.

fear is the contrast to love. i used to be afraid of my voice, my intuition, the depth of my emotions, my own power. i felt ashamed for wanting more. i doubted my greatness, wisdom, my deep knowing. i have turned away from love many times and held myself in bondage over stories of unworthiness and shame. i have used stories from the past to ‘tell it like it is’ and unknowingly limited myself.

i’ve given up the struggle and surrendered to the flow of life. i no longer try to make anything happen. i get to be, do and have anything i want. i choose love, wholeness, expansion and joy.

i love moving my body in ways that make me feel even more alive; more “me”. i enjoy the sensation of mind-body-spirit synergy. plugging into life. exercise and healthy eating were once catalysts into the world of wellness and spirituality. they taught me the art of awareness and mindfulness, but i’ve learned healthy living is about what we’re thinking + feeling and has very little to do with what we’re eating or how we’re moving.

i am fascinated by the fact that we are fields of energy existing in other fields of energy. how we exist on an atomic and sub atomic level. how our thoughts and emotions change our energetic frequency that draw similar energy and experiences to us. how nothing is a coincidence, and only an invitation.

we get to be, do and have anything we want. isn’t that wonderful?  this space has become a platform to discuss big ideas. to bridge the gap between spirituality + science.   to co-create with source energy and the people around us.  to write and re-write our life scripts. to merge spirit with our human-ness. to de-mystify the mystical. to help each other remember what we already know. to be our own guru and learn to listen to our wisdom and tune out the confusing noise of the world.  we are caught up in an illusion of doing instead of being.  we don’t have to micro manage our lives. it’s not our job to make things happen. it’s our responsibility to get ourselves into alignment with what we want and allow it. i’m here to help you remember. we don’t have to suffer before life can become great.

remember when this used to be my classic ‘from where i run pose’?! took one for old times sake while running this week. 😀

to my old faithful readers: thank you for being part of my blogging journey. although i still consider this a wellness blog, it’s not going to be about superficial shit anymore. i’m sorry if i ever made you think that the key to happiness and healthy living meant eating foods you didn’t actually like because they were “healthy”. that whole30 is a good idea, or endurance running is something we should aspire to do. my wish for you is to only do stuff you genuinely want to do. to get so clear on what you want. this is the shit that lights a fire inside of me and what we should actually be discussing.

thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you!

all my love,

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  1. This is great! It takes some real balls to lay it out like this. You’ve always been a great writer Jo. When you speak from that wonderful place deep inside you, you have the ability to make the complex simple and the confusing seem natural.

    We are indeed fields of energy existing with and inside other fields of energy. You understand this simple truth and you’ve taught it to so many, including. I’ve always struggled with the “here’s the smoothie I drank today for the 59th time” posts.

    I hope you find your voice on this blog now and share it. Ive heard and it all the time. You’ve changed lives Jo. You changed mine. Stay brave. Be the light you were meant to be!

  2. Long time reader here! I’ve never commented (until now), but I wanted to let you know I love this post and will continue to stick around because no matter what you’ve posted, I’ve enjoyed your “voice” behind it. Thanks for being so real and talking about things that many people aren’t comfortable talking about!

    PS – your hair in that picture is perfect <3

  3. Jo!
    I love this post and have really enjoyed following along while you grow and open up to so many cool things and, for lack of a more appropriate word, realizations.
    Your confidence has grown so much and I do not doubt that you have changed more than one person’s life.

    Keep with it, I live vicariously through you being a totally opposite cancer from myself.

    1. Thank you Alisha. On an unrelated note, I appreciate how you offered to bring me ‘sick tea’ a couple weeks ago when I was dying of zika virus! I didn’t make it because…. #lazy – but the gesture meant so much. <3

  4. I connect with you on so many levels and totally can relate to walking down a similar path. I am in the midst of sitting in discomfort, the unknown, and am accepting and letting go. I am showing up every day doing my best to choose love and light and connect with myself on a deeper level. Sometimes it can feel like a lonely journey, but then I read something like this and my heart fills with joy and fullness. So thank you. I crave connections like this (Even though you don’t really know me 🙂 ) xo.

    1. Hey Mollie,

      No thank you for sharing your story with me/us! When we have work to do, or our lives change direction it can see so long and daunting hey? But you’re right – it’s all about those small steps of showing up daily and little by little, the gap closes, shift happens and life keeps getting better!

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and have never commented but this post triggered something in me. I have always loved your content but can honestly say that I like what you’re doing now even more and feel as though you’ll be able to connect with a lot of people in a really deep and authentic way doing this. Keep doing you!

    1. Thank you, Taylor! Yeah… it was weird. I knew I wanted to connect with people in a different way that didn’t involve the normal ‘blog rules and content’. Anytime I’d try to write everyday ‘surface stuff’ content, I’d get writers block OR think ‘Who the fuck cares? This isn’t what I actually want to share”

      It will be interesting to see where creative path takes me!

  6. Love everything about this Jo. I agree with David, it takes courage to really put yourself, the real you out there. You have always been so aware of yourself and constantly trying to improve, its one of the things I really admire about you.
    I’m happy to hear you aren’t quitting your blog because I will still be reading

    1. Thanks lady. And thank you for being the type of friend and person who allows people to show up as they actually are. Can’t wait to see you next weekend!

  7. This is inspiring on a few different levels – thanks for this. I have too many questions that I can’t list here. I’ve wanted to start a blog but afraid to be “real” – a) because of my own professional job, and b) we evolve so much. What you wrote in the past is where you were at that point in time – who’s to say in 5 years it won’t be different. Unless you knew you were hiding behind a healthy living blog facade.

    The whole “alignment” thing has me interested but perplexed. I struggle with money worries (deeply) and a job that I want. Should I just put it calmly into the universe what I want but then let it go and forget about it? Or do I feverishly work to impress/propose/ask for what I want – with the angst of being let down or embarrassed.

    Thanks for not telling us to do the Whole 30 anymore either.

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      When our desires aren’t being physically manifested yet (ie. more money, a relationship, new job, etc) it’s because we’re focused on the absence of it which prevents us from being a vibrational match for what we say we’re wanting. We can’t “let it in” because we’re blocking it from coming. It’s less about the words we use, and rather the internal feelings and KNOWING of abundance (feeling as though you already have the money you want right now + the way having extra money will make you feel – free, peaceful, excited to spend it on things you want, etc)
      We also can’t fixate on “how” it’s going to happen and “when” because it creates major delays. The universe has hundreds of potential scenarios and opportunities lined up but when we tell ourselves something can only happen “this way” or “that way” or go about our days trying to make it happen we also block it. I literally remind myself everyday, “its done, it’s DONE, it’s coming, it’s happening, I can feel it” when I start to wonder when/where “it’s” going to happen.

      Does that make sense?

      I plan on diving into these topics in more detail in the future. The inspiration to take action will come – in the perfect place at the perfect time. It always does. Do you feel the difference in that? vs. “I need more money, I’m afraid, I don’t know what to do and here’s what I think I should do”

      The only thing you need to do is believe it’s already happening & let it in!

      Ps. Thank you for your comment and question! And no, I didn’t know I was hiding behind a healthy living blog facade. I ended up in this niche market and for a long time, I really enjoyed talking about running, fitness, etc. But that’s boring to talk about all the time.

  8. This is beautiful, Jo! “i’m interested in talking about the human experience – shit that actually matters. connecting with hearts.” Yes, yes, and yes. I feel grateful to get to hear your thoughts/words/wisdom on the human experience. I’ve been on this amazing path of self discovery for a while now, but especially over the past year, and I’ve so appreciated your openness and honesty on various topics… shit that actually matters. Thank you for sharing. <3

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