journal entry: what allowing + alignment feels like

Hi friends! What’s new with you? I have a post coming your way next week that I’m really excited to share with you. It’s all about ‘alignment’ – what it means, how it feels, how to ‘get there’ and why our thoughts and what we choose to think about are a pretty big deal.

As you know, I’m SO into journaling right now. I use it as a creative outlet to brainstorm ideas and future blog posts. To write gratitude lists and create ‘life scripts’. I envision the most abundant version of my self, then write it down. I write as though “it” is already done. Do you keep a journal?  Don’t ya just want to buy all of them from Chapters?! 😀

I carry my little grey notebook with me almost everywhere. I need it in case inspiration and clarity strikes and I feel guided to write.  It’s craaazyyyy how much it’s been occurring -and I love it! All of this info is just flowing to me and it feels great to capture + share it!


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