how to get anything we want: tuning into the flow

This post is a sponsored conversation with Santevia. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for your support – I <3 you guys!

Santevia recently sent me a few products to try as part of their #RockYourWater campaign. Their alkaline water  systems help remove chlorine, heavy metals and remineralize our H2O with calcium and magnesium. Weeoo!

Here we have: 

Alkaline water pitcher

Power sticks – a portable and removable stainless steel water bottle filter with a 3 month life span

Glass water bottle  my new fav water bottle! It has great flow. I leave a Power stick inside and my water tastes so fresh.

Power pouches – great for on the go and travel. Each bag filters 10 bottles

Tritan bottle

I know this is very privileged of me to say and we are so beyond lucky to have access to clean drinking water… but city tap water tastes terrible. I can smell and taste the chlorine and it’s overpowering! True story: when I lived in Canmore and visited my then-boyfriend in Calgary, I’d bring my own water supply to his house because I couldn’t handle it.  I love me.

ANYWAY. I’d been debating buying a countertop Santevia water filtration system for a while (my old yoga studio had one!) and as luck would have it, their PR team reached out to me for a collab. How’s that for synchronicity?!

Which got me thinking about moments of harmony in my life…

Asking and receiving. There’s a misconception that we “ask” with our words, but there is so much more to it than that. I carry on about why getting into alignment is the key ingredient to creating what we want. It’s what follows the asking. But what does ‘alignment’ even mean and what does it look and feel like? In a nutshell, here’s the process of creating and manifestation:

1. Ask
2. Get into alignment
3. Receive
4. Enjoy & repeat!
(2&3 are technically the same thing)

Alignment is the synergy of desire merged with belief in the absence of resistance. In other words, what you think + what you feel has to match. It isn’t something we can ‘make happen’ solely through words and action. 99% of the work is getting our emotions + beliefs tuned into the same frequency so we can receive everything and anything we want.

It’s less about the words we say, it’s about the unseen energetic vibration (emotion) we offer.  Vibrational physics. We’re fields of energy existing and interacting with other fields of energy. You know those experiments with plants where you talk and act lovingly to some and treat the others like garbage? The plants that were around good vibes flourished, while the receivers of negative energy died. They couldn’t hear the words people said; instead, they picked up on the energetic frequency and absorbed it.  How about when we sense people who feel radiant to be around  vs. people who seem to view the world through a negative lens? We can feel it before they speak. ENERGY DOESN’T LIE.

Imagine the levels of joyous expansion we would surely achieve if we believed in our greatness and diligently, consciously practiced feeling good? Offering words, beliefs and emotions that elevate and tune us into the flow of wellness – of LIFE?

Being around people who embody positivity + make ya laugh is a great way to raise your vibration to a higher frequency. Laughter is so, so, SO healing + good for the soul.

So, what does alignment feel like? How can we tell when we’re in ‘the flow’?

It FEELS LIKE IT’S ALREADY DONE – even though we can’t presently see it in front of us (yet). It feels like butterflies, tingles, excitement, knowing, harmonious, hell yes. We trust it’s coming. Emotions are our best indicator. They tell us how close or far away from the truth we are.

It feels like we’re enjoying the journey and not stressing out about the finished product; we’re having fun in the process of creating. It feels easy.  Effortless. Things just flow. People and situations come to us. We laugh and remark at how simple, uncomplicated and light it feels. “It just happened!” we say.

Alignment is not trying to immediately figure out the solution (aka telling the universe what to do) then going nuts over trying to make it happen. It’s never about a solution. It’s always about creation.  It’s not our job to make anything happen, it’s our responsibility to let it in! I remind myself of this daily. Sometimes when I’m overly focused on an “answer” or lack thereof, I take a deep breath and say, “I’m looking forward to receiving inspiration on what to do”. Do you feel the difference?

Daily quiet time in the form of meditation and journaling (writing lists of appreciation) helps us tune into receptivity. To let it in! The medicine is in the stillness. I use my journal to write my life stories as I want them to be… then let it go. Drinking lots of water, eating for vitality (whatever that looks like for you), sleep, spending time in nature and intuitive/joyful exercise assist in maintaining the frequency of where we want to be. 

Remember, whatever we’re focused on is what we’re going to receive more of. Life is responding to the stories we’re telling. When we ask with our words but internally feel resistance in the form of “lack”, it means we’re not synced up and tuned into the receiving mode of what we truly desire. Everything we want is on the other side of a closed door. It’s done. It’s ready. It’s waiting for us to open the door.  The universe couldn’t care less what we want + why. Whatever energetic frequency we’re tuned into is what we get! Our  beliefs + emotions ask and invite; not our words.

So many of us desire more money, but if we’re thinking about  the (current) lack of money flowing into our bank accounts, that’s not alignment. We’re stuck in “what is”. It blocks new ways to earn, receive or win money.

We may desire a loving relationship, but if we’re feeling like everyone always disappointments us, that’s not alignment. We end up with more disappointing experiences and people.

The question then becomes, “how do we get into alignment and start believing it’s already done?”

By telling it like you want it to be. Writing, talking, thinking about it as though it’s already done. Write the script! Notice how good it feels. Marinate in those emotions. Keep it simple.

Four years ago, I ‘asked’ for soul-mate friends and in an interesting turn of events, I met these weirdos! We can tell each other anything without judgement. We accept and embrace our flaws while evolving and encouraging each other. They’re the type of friends who once dropped everything to drive three hours to come sit with me in my living room while I cried over a boy. Who have seen me curled up on a ball on the floor dying of laughter.

The universe is always on our side. It wants what we want.  It gives us more of what we’re ‘asking’ for, always and all ways. It’s like, “you tell me and I’ll deliver”. There’s no right or wrong path. There are no bad decisions. All we’re doing is gathering information and using it to decide what we want.

Alignment = desire + belief – resistance


3 Replies to “how to get anything we want: tuning into the flow

    1. Please keep these posts coming. They are appreciated and thought-provoking and inspiring change.

      My struggle comes with the “believing it is already done.” There is still the doubt & fear and non-belief. Is it a ‘fake it till you make it’ scenario? :/

      1. At first, yes. It will feel a little forced or silly. We’re obsessed with ‘telling it like it is’ and think that’s the “truth”. That’s why we stay stuck.

        Anything that presently exists in the world today started out as a thought and eventually became things. You have to tell your story the way you want it to be and stop telling the story like it is. It’s really that simple. You can feel the difference in your body when you tell the story “like it is” vs “how you want it to be”. Human beings struggle with accepting that. We *think* everything has to be a difficult, complicated process but it’s not.

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