what we’re truly hungry for

Sometimes life isn’t where we want it to be.  It can be difficult (and annoying!) to feel positive now when we don’t like certain aspects, or want to be ‘over there’ – in the future. I get it. Sometimes I’m like, “Wait. Why am I not living on an acreage in Hawaii and writing books + blogs for a living?!” 😀

When you really think about it, the fundamental reason why we want anything is because we think we’ll feel better in the having of it.  It’s not just the physical manifestation we crave, but rather the positive emotion attached to our desires. That’s what we’re truly hungry for.

With that in mind, doesn’t it make way more sense to feel better first? To stop placing conditions  on our happiness and make our primary intention to feel good now? We don’t even have to feel 100%  but small, incremental, habitual progress adds up over time.

We are here to create and expand our life experience. We are never going to be entirely satisfied with ‘what is’. Continually giving birth to new desires. It doesn’t end. It’s impossible to stop the expansion of who we really are. An attempt to block our personal evolution would be like trying to prevent the Earth from rotating. You cannot stop the momentum that moves all things to their next expression.

We are always going to want more. It doesn’t mean we’re ungrateful. Or that we need to settle for less. Or that we’re idiots who ‘can’t seem to get life right’. We are growth seeking beings. It’s the most natural thing in the universe.

Here’s what trips us up.

New desires are often sparked from contrast and noticing a lack of “it”. We start believing something is missing, or we somehow messed up because where we are is no longer satisfying. Instead of beating ourselves up and being depressed about our current circumstances, lets be grateful that those contrasts helped us gain more life experience and perspective. We know what we want by knowing what we don’t want. Experiential knowledge is invaluable. Do you feel the shift? The lightness in that?

We can make peace with where we are now and take pleasure in knowing we’re not stuck ‘here’. There’s no limit to desire and the creation of them, but we’re never going to get it all done. We can relax and find reasons to feel good now, because our emotions are what summons “it”.

holy shit.

Doesn’t it feel good to loosen the reigns? To find reasons to be grateful now?

When we feel the way we feel, the universe brings us more of it. Writing lists of appreciation is one of the ways I’ve trained my brain to look for positive aspects – whether they’re in my current ‘reality’ or not. To tune myself into the frequency of abundance, of feeling fucking fantastic. The universe doesn’t know if what we’re thinking, feeling and talking about is right in front of us or not. It’s simply reflecting what we’re offering on an energetic level.

Everything that presently exists in this world began as a thought.  Let’s be more selective about what we’re thinking and choose pleasing thoughts (real or imagined!) that will help us become conscious creators instead of default creators.

Tell me:

What are five things you’re grateful for right now?

3 Replies to “what we’re truly hungry for

  1. So good. So so good. I also think the the “wanting” comes from society. What we’re told we should want and why we should want it and how we will feel when we have it. Loved reading this. <3

    1. Thank you for reading, Lindsay!
      Society definitely influences ‘wanting’. I think there is a difference between wanting and desire though, don’t you think?

  2. YAS. My feelings exactly.
    I’m grateful for my husband, first and foremost. My family, my friends, my puppy who is snuggled up next to me, and the ability to take care of myself through the help of friends reminding me that I don’t have to try to do everything all the time.

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