how long does it take to manifest something?

Everything in this world (and universe!) is about the law of attraction.  It is always accurate and fair. We get what we give attention to. We receive what we think about. Our thoughts and the emotions attached to them reveals the dominant emotional frequencies we’re tuned into.

We are the point of attraction. The amount of time that it takes to manifest something ultimately comes down to:

How much resistance we hold about our object of attention. Needing to physically see something before it appears keeps it away.

Not being a vibrational (emotional) match to what we want. Being negative and pessimistic keeps it away. Believing as though it’s already done invites it in.

We want things because we think we’ll feel better once we have them. Because we associate future manifestations with happiness, pleasure and peace, that’s why we have to feel better first. THEY HAVE TO MATCH! We can’t get to the future with a here mindset. The magic formula is: desire (imagination) + belief (positive emotion) – resistance = the physical manifestation.

I have been on both ends of the spectrum many, many, many times. I’ve had things appear in front of me WHILE I WAS THINKING ABOUT THEM (!!) and I have  wound myself up with anxiety for months on end wondering how, what, when, where it would come. (It always came after I said screw it + let it go)

So, there isn’t a definite answer as to how long it takes to manifest something. It could occur right now, tomorrow, next month, five years or never.  It ultimately comes down to acknowledging and deciding if our faith is rooted in love + prosperity or fear + lack.  We are the point of attraction and setting positive intentions and expectations for our lives is incredibly powerful. We have the choice to be conscious creators or default creators of our life experiences. Instead of sitting idle and wondering how and why everything occurs, or believing ‘things just happen’ for no rhyme or reason, we can take ownership of our desires, commit to feeling better NOW, take care of ourselves and enjoy the shit out of this.

Nothing occurs by coincidence. We invite, create, experience, expand.  The universe doesn’t have at thinking brain or an opinion about our lives. Becoming a conscious creator doesn’t mean everything is always going to turn out amazing or that it will somehow help us avoid pain and hardship.  We’ll still have ups and downs but we use the contrasts to become even BETTER conscious creators moving forward.

In my day to day observations, I notice  people are addicted to complaining. They don’t feel good to be around.  They talk about some a-hole who cut them off in traffic, how the Barista got their order wrong, how their coworker is annoying, how they were offended by what someone said. It’s just one endless complaint after another.

I want to say, ‘WHO CARES? Who the fuck cares. Why do you waste your energy on this pointless BS?’

But, freewill and all… plus – who cares?   I don’t want to get caught up in their bad vibes. Not my problem. That’s their reality, not mine. Because they expect life to be annoying, boring, painful, full of hardship, that’s what they get.

It’s just as easy to talk about things that are pleasing, which tunes us into the frequency of joy and abundance and the reality that follows. When I wake up in the morning and begin preparing french press coffee, I say to myself, “This is going to be a great day! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to wake up, enjoy these magical Kauai coffee beans and appreciate a few moments of calm before I go to work. The workday is going to fly by – I love feeling productive and creative at work.  I can’t wait to work out later – I love moving my body at a gym I enjoy so much…”

You know what? I usually have a pretty great day. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m experiencing great love, joy freedom and fun in ways I could not have imagined.  I don’t need all the external ‘things’ to line up before I can feel the way I want to feel.  I certainly experience moments of questioning, self doubt and anxiety along the journey, but I choose love over fear.   Constantly reminding myself that I AM worthy of what I have + receptive to what’s coming. I think that’s all you can really do. What do you think?

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