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There is something troubling about many ‘self love’ declarations out there in cyberspace.  I can’t quite place my finger on it, however, one thing that bothers me is the message we should learn to “love” the things we don’t like about ourselves. A lot of these messages are intertwined with our physical appearance.   The external spotlight is misleading. It implies we should be focusing on our bodies and “loving” them despite displeasing aspects. This is so strange to me. Our bodies are a vehicle to experience and move through this physical lifetime and NOTHING MORE. It feels good to respect, nourish, appreciate and honor them, but beyond that… WHO CARES?

In some ways, these body-positive messages end up bringing more attention to our supposed ‘shortcomings’ and the external, rather than the internal.  We can’t manipulate what’s happening on the outside. What other people are doing, thinking, saying, how they’re living or what they think of us. Our bodies are the same way. We can’t control our genetics or our natural set point (theory here).  The way we feel has very little to do with how we look.

When I glance in the mirror, I suppose there are plenty of things I don’t necessarily like about my appearance. For example, when I focus on the way my stomach looks, I don’t love it.  But I don’t feel compelled to repeat loving mantras or try to make myself feel  positive emotion for it.  It’s just the way my stomach looks and I move on with my day. I have plenty of bad skin days, sure I’d like it if my breasts were bigger,  my hair was blonder and thicker… all kinds of petty stuff that I could interpret as shortcomings, even though they’re totally not. We have the choice of directing our attention to more important matters.

I am not my body and neither are you. I appreciate it, but it’s not placed on a pedestal.  Living with positive intention matters. How we show up in the world and how deeply we love matters.   Not caring about trivial stuff like our physical appearance matters.  I’m grateful that  my body allows me to move, sweat and play in ways that are pleasing to me and THAT is where I think our attention should flow.

THE BEST = sweating +  heavy hitting with my ride or die tribe. <3 Lorna Jane is a brand rooted in self compassion and aligns with my personal mission + the way I live my life. Plus their pieces are adorable (I want everything!) and compliment my lifestyle so well. I know us fitness enthusiasts take our gear very seriously: it needs to be comfortable, cute, and stay in place. Whether I’m running in the mountains or taking  a boxing or Orangetheory class, LJ’s pieces are versatile and durable.

When we re-frame our goals and intentions to live more mindfully, joyfully and lovingly, our entire world changes. We shift from conditional happiness to being happy no matter what’s occurring externally. We can co-exist with sadness and personal growth while maintaining peace and clarity.

What self love mastery looks like (to me!):

  • Who we’re BEING, not what we’re doing
  • Forgiving ourselves and others
  • Accepting personal responsibility for our lives
  • Nourishing our minds and spirits just as much as our bodies (if not more!)
  • Joyful movement and exercise + eating food that makes us feel good (whatever that looks like!)
  • Practicing daily gratitude
  • Being OKAY with who we are. Being OKAY with where we are
  • Getting plenty of SLEEP (it’s easier to feel optimistic when we’re well-rested)
  • Writing our life stories the way we want them to be
  • Choosing love and abundance over fear and lack


How do you define self love? How do you interpret all of the messaging out there? Do you think it’s too externally focused?

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4 Replies to “self love + body image

  1. I never comment anywhere, but I just want to say you are my favourite blogger & don’t stop posting!

    Your posts are real, & truly the only kind of ‘health’ posts I have time for. Amen to everything you said.

    Social media has made our lives so externally focused it makes me sick. There is so much going on in the world for goodness sakes. I’m just grateful for the days my body feels good (I have a chronic illness so it’s hard sometimes) When you focus on your purpose & contributing to the community & those around you- that’s when you feel best (& no surprise the people who are most ‘beutiful’ are those who are the most generous, selfless & kind!)

    Keep on keeping on Jo 🙂

    1. Hi Eva!

      Thank you for reading + commenting. Sometimes I scroll through Instagram and the popular health/wellness accounts catch my eye. At times, it seems like everyone is doing the same thing and it’s so externally focused. Micro managing meals, restrictive eating masquerading as “clean eating” body size/composition, etc. As a blogger, I feel personally responsible for what I’m putting out there and I want to reveal health in a different light. That true wellness comes from within and has very little to do with what we’re eating/how much we’re working out! 🙂

  2. This is great. I struggle with the part of getting to the part of being okay with where you are (while still striving). Especially when I’m not taking care of myself – as feeling awful physically (icky) is a whole other battle to get over.

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