questions to help you discover your passion + purpose

Hiyah friends! I am still here, blogging and don’t plan on disappearing from the cyber world anytime soon. How are you?

The truth is, I’ve been super focused on writing a LOT lately. This may sound a little weird, but I’ve felt strongly guided to finish producing a wellness book that I’ve always known I’d author. I’m piecing together my writings, editing and enjoying the process of determining how it’s all going to flow.  My intuition has been yelling, “It’s time!” loud and clear and I’m ready, willing to listen and allocating a good portion of my energy into creating something I’ve dreamt of doing for so long.  I don’t know how my work is going to get ‘out there’  in terms of self-publishing vs. writing a book proposal.. or even an e-book but I refuse to overwhelm myself with those details right now. I’ve got more important matters to focus on. These things tend to work themselves out and I’ll know what to do when it’s time.

What I can say is it’s a practical spiritual guide for the modern world and the merging of spirit with science. It is for anyone who desires to have, be, do and create a life of abundance, joy, clarity, peace and to learn to trust their intuition. It’s learning how to slow down and “be” in a hectic, fast-paced culture. And I’m not talking about fricken green juice and yoga. Although those things are nice and I love me some green planty shit, there is so much MORE to life + manifesting than simply choosing actions we think are appropriate.

In other news, I’m still obsessed with boxing classes. It’s my favourite way to sweat!

It’s deeply satisfying to live a life of passion + purpose. Part of that self-discovery and creation is asking ourselves some helpful questions to get a better understanding of who we are and what our purpose could be. It’s okay if you can’t think of anything right away, but you have to be willing to surrender what you “think” the answer should be. We can’t get too caught up in our problems or supposed shortcomings because then we can’t hear the answers. Journaling is a great way to ask and receive.

I’d love to hear from you – tell me:

  • Who are you? (What is your role with your friends + family? How do you show up in relationships?)
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What are your values?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What are your passions?
  • Do you have an idea what your purpose is?Feel free to answer in the comments, or send me an email! 😀


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  1. I’ve been reading Mo Issa’s book The Shift. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to live a life with purpose. It has taught me to be true to who I am and to live a life that is without regret. That is a hard one. But I find that the hardest things are to live with the purpose that is you.

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