4 items every fitness enthusiast wants for Christmas

Christmas morning came early in my household when a big ol’ package from Sport Chek Women arrived at my door.   By the way, have you visited  their store in Calgary’s Chinook Centre? I’m telling ya – it’s exactly how I envision heaven to be: sporting gear and athleisure wear as far as the eye can see. The most impressive 360* shoe wall I’ve ever encountered. Clothing and accessories  perfectly organized by activity.

I’ve put together some of my favourite fitness brands of 2017 and I’m confident I can speak for most fit-girls when I say this is what we want. Thanks to Sport Chek for assisting me with my ongoing fitness goals and putting together this wish list + gift guide.  I’m always striving to be better; to live my life healthfully, mindfully and move in ways that bring me pleasure! #HerBetter #MyBetter

You know what’s awesome? So many brands have stepped up their women’s athletic gear game. For years, I felt like I could only rely on lululemon, but  I can’t remember the last time I bought anything from them. My top ‘can do no wrong’ in my eyes brands have become:

Under Armour
Lorna Jane

Obviously I wear and like other brands too, but those three are my ride-or-die tribe. Alright, let’s get to it! Here’s what was in my gift box:

For boxing, strength training and looking fly AF. #priorities

Running shoes just don’t cut it for high intensity boxing classes where you’re constantly pivoting on both feet. You need kicks with less grip otherwise it’s difficult to move. I wore them to a weekend class with Kris!

  • Lorna Jane sports bras are the epitome of fashion statement meets function. I’m wearing the Bella bra in the above photo and received a Bondi bra +  this UA bra.Crops and sports bra appear to be the new fitness uniform and I love that so many women (including myself!) have embraced the shirtless workout.   I used to be self conscious but really, NO ONE CARES. Everyone is  focused on their own workout and not paying attention to your body. Plus, who wants to be drowning in sweaty tanks and tees during class?  That being said… I’m an unusually sweaty person. Whenever I bring a new friend to Orangetheory or boxing, I warn them, “You’re about to see a side of me you’ve never witnessed before and I’m sorry in advance” 😀
  • Under Armour bottoms.  These guys are my absolute FAV crops in my wardrobe. I’m insanely picky about bottoms and they must meet all my high-demand variables.

    When choosing bottoms, thou shall:

Be a mid-high rise fit
Stay in place and not ride up or slip down
Fast-dry moisture wicking
No see-through material allowed
Have a roomy crotch area with no revealing of lady parts (I imagine my Mom is horrified reading this. It is a very real problem, though!)
Keep me cool in hot environments, but also warm in chilly elements (I know this doesn’t really make sense, but it does… in my world haha)

  • Fitbit Ionic super watch. I have a feeling that fitness watches are a hot ticket item this season with all of the upcoming resolutions!
    It features personalized coaching, GPS, heart rate, music (stores 300 songs), Fitbit pay (you can tap-purchase with your watch) multi-day battery and it’s water resistant – you can swim with it.  It’s sleek enough to wear all day which is something I didn’t like about my Surge. It was a great sports watch, but so bulky!
    I appreciate that you can view workouts on the watch now, instead of the app.
  • Stocking stuffer ideas:

    Sportchek gift card
    NUUN hydration tablets
    Foam roller – the eviler the better. Is that a word? Eviler?
    Hydroflask or Swell stainless steel water bottles
    Gift cards for pedicures + massages – us athletes are consistently in need of some deep tissue repair
    Epsom salts + sea salts + bath bombs
    Tea tree oil for inevitable sweat-induced breakouts
    Hair elastics, scrunchies and socks because WHERE DO THEY ALL GO?
    Our favourite snacks because we’re always hungry: Clif bars, jerky, chocolate, jars of peanut butter… haha
    Supplements: collagen, whey protein, magnesium citrate, turmeric

    Over to you, gang! Is there anything I missed that  an athlete would love? What is on your wish list this year? 

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