how to solve any problem

We live in a self-correcting universe and everything will work itself out if we’re willing to LET THINGS BE. Just for a little while.  When we try too hard to solve our problem(s) we pinch ourselves off from the dozens, hundreds and thousands of potential solutions that are waiting to reveal themselves to us.

This is something I still struggle with from time to time. No matter how enlightened and evolved we become, we still have to embrace and accept our human-ness.

At first, it begins with willingness, followed by elevated thought. Practicing new thoughts and stories about ourselves in accordance of abundance. I understand the strangeness of choosing thoughts that don’t match the current reality of a situation. But how do you think you reached the present? Every thought has formed a belief that sparked an emotion followed by action that led you to where you are now. We are creating the future in every moment. So really – this was all created in the past and we’re living it now.

 Can I hit you hard with some tough love for a second? If you’re committed to improving your life, you need to STOP focusing on what’s ‘wrong’ with it. We are so beyond addicted to talking about our problems and everything that’s supposedly wrong with the world. It doesn’t make you feel good, so WHY are you doing it?  Us humans have an obsession with telling it like it is because we think we’re being truthful, but it’s not helpful.

What’s satisfying to you? Or have you thought about it? A useful way to get yourself feeling better and closer to your solutions and answers is to write down a list of positive aspects you really enjoy about your life.

It doesn’t have to be anything outstanding, either. Sometimes we’re embarrassed that what we enjoy is so little and insignificant that appreciating it  can’t possibly make a difference.  But it works. Go on now, think about it + write that shit down. Start with ten things. Think about what you like to eat, how you like to move, how you spend your free time, etc.  Here, I’ll share mine first.

-French press coffee made with freshly ground Kauai coffee beans
-Spending time alone to think and BE by myself
-Working out almost everyday and sweating my ass off because it feels good
-Ensuring my living space is a relaxing, tidy and comfortable environment to be in. Free of clutter and pointless stuff. If something doesn’t add value to my life, I let it go. No point in hanging onto things “just in case”.

-When a meal is delicious + satisfying. You know that ‘warm hug in your tum’ feeling?  Isn’t it the best? The last few times I felt that way were: eating white chocolate peppermint bark ice cream from Village, during a contemporary Vietnamese dinner date with my bestie and anytime I make tacos or chocolate chip cookies.

-Deep, meaningful and insightful conversations. I live for high levels of thinking!
-Downsizing my closet into a seasonal capsule wardrobe because more choices = more anxiousness about ‘what to wear’.

-Early bedtimes + early mornings
-Spending time in bookstores
-Deep tissue massages
-Listening to podcasts or music while I’m in the bathtub

The reason why we need to regularly take notice of positive aspects and our preferences is by deliberately focusing on them, it inspires MORE like-thoughts, like-events and like-actions. It’s an invitation for more.  It’s programming ourselves to feel good so we notice when we’re not in-sync and can correct it.  How’s that for a little life hack? 😉

As you can tell, I’m passionate about being more and doing less. Everything I’ve ever wanted didn’t come until I was really lazy and hands off about it. A willingness to surrender and let things be for a little while. To be grateful, relax + remember what you already know to be true.


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