our instincts are like google maps

Our inner-being or, who we really are isn’t worried about all the drama of the modern world, or freaking out about everything that’s gone wrong in our lives. Even when we’re completely losing our sh*t over the ‘realities’ of a current situation, i-Being is like, annoyingly calm and unwavering in it’s knowing that all is well.

Whenever I’m wound up about something, my gut tells me, “okay you need to calm down, relax and let this go. You have GOT to give up the struggle!”  “But my life looks like a dumpster fire!” I plead.
“Who cares!” i-being says.

Ugh. So annoying. It ain’t wrong though.

Abraham Hicks says, our inner beings always know exactly where we are in relation to where we want to go. Always. “But what if I miss the signs or the turn?!” I’ve wondered. Sometimes I freak out I’ll miss the opportunity and then it’s game over. Guess I’ll die, or something. 😀 But seriously. Our minds can be so crazy. They’re great at anticipating the worst possible outcome.

I like to think of our intuition as Google Maps. As soon as a desire is realized and ‘asked’ for, the Universe and our inner-being lines everything up and programs a step by step guide into our instincts for us to follow.  Our emotions are the highest level of guidance, truth, intuition, instinct, inner being, spirit… whatever you want to call it. At any given moment, our emotions are an indicator of where we’re at, in relation to what we want.

I’ve talked about how what we want + how we feel have to match in order to physically see it and have it. Learn more here.

Pay attention to how you feel about any sort of thought and use that as your GPS.  Inspired thoughts, such as ‘hey I should do this – it seems right’ feel like joy. Fearful thoughts – ‘who are you to want this?’ send ripples of doubt and anxiety through our bodies.  We can trust the thoughts that spark the highest emotions – happiness, peace, calmness, knowing, hope, freedom. Following that path (of least resistance!) always takes us where we need to go and never leaves us where we were. Not only is it the quickest way, it IS the way. Anything else is wasted effort.

So what happens if we get lost? If, and when, because we will certainly we veer off course from time to time, intuition  creates a new way for us. When we miss a turn which would have led us to our destination, it automatically readjusts and guides us to the next opportunity. Isn’t it great to know life is always working out for us? There isn’t one chance to get it right and we never get it all done.


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  1. I love this. I think the Google maps analogy is so accurate because giving into that fear of ‘what if I miss a turn or take a left when I should have gone right?’ and our minds tell us that it’s game over when really, if you were using google maps and you missed a turn you have compete faith in the moment of ‘recalculation.’ Why can’t we have real faith in our own recalculation. To ‘be’ for a moment, feel where we are, and how to get back to the path of where we want to go.

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