the magic ingredient in getting what you want

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We all have a powerful purpose and unique calling but I’ve noticed a disconnect in how we own our greatness.   One of the stories society tells us is that “life is all about discovery and things will unfold as they should” but I’d like to challenge the notion that it isn’t entirely true.   Many of us never reach the opportunity to embrace our true calling because we’re afraid of it. We ask the wrong questions. Instead of asking, “Why am I here? How can I utilize my purpose to serve others?” and allowing the answers to come – through joy and bliss (they illuminate our strengths and path!) we say, “Why am I so unhappy?” And we just accept a bare minimum life of mediocrity.  Oh, I’ve been there!  I have always known I’m meant to be a wellness teacher, but my ego (and sometimes my friends) would laugh at me and say, “Be realistic! You need to get a formal education, a regular job and THEN you can focus on your passions”.

Being “realistic” in the face of denying who you are is not your friend.

I’ve done all of the things I was supposed to do and followed the same steps as everyone else but felt like the biggest fraud, failure, and as though I was assigned the role of playing someone else’s life. That shit will make you crazy. Literally insane.  I should write a blog post on all the ways I messed up my life by conforming to everyone else’s idea of realism. Haha! But hey, I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world because they made me who I am and brought me to where I am now and it’s incredible.

Can you believe I used to be afraid of myself? Of publicly speaking about topics like this? It’s one of the ways I denied who I really am.  A couple months ago, I created a list containing my recent (vague) fears and supposed shortcomings – everything from “I’m not talented enough” to “I don’t have enough experience” or “I’m afraid I’ll never earn a lucrative living from doing what I love” and declared to the Universe, “Here are all of the things my mind is afraid of but I know they’re not true. I’m surrendering all of my small thoughts and limiting beliefs to you. Please fill my mind with yours instead because I think YOU have better solutions than I do” Then I burned the list.

That’s how giving up control and surrendering serves us well. In order to thrive, we need to release the struggle and fear of failure.   Willingness is all it takes, sweet love. It’s the magic ingredient. We don’t need to acquire all of the answers and understand how everything is going to unfold ahead of time. If you can be okay with temporary unknowns, you’re doing exceptionally well. I’m not asking you to be happy about uncertainty. OKAY is perfectly fine.  There’s a greater and wiser part of you that is. It’s leading you where you want to go and never leaving you where you were. It’s not worried about all of the things that could potentially go wrong. It knows where you want to be and is trying to guide you there as efficiently as possible, if you’ll step aside and let things be. Embracing who we are and what we’re meant to do is never an easy task, but the more we practice it, the easier it becomes.

While we can’t control certain variables such as childhood socioeconomic status or genetics, we’re all equipped with tools of awareness, free will, focus and the present moment to change our circumstances at any time.  We are the creators of our reality, our own saviour and hero and it’s why we’re here. To embrace who we really are and make magical shit happen.   It’s really just one big experiment of preference and choice. Life provides us with endless opportunities to decide what lights us up and what doesn’t.

We create our life experiences through thought, emotion and our attention to it. Whatever we’re giving our attention to is what’s coming in the future. Emotions create biochemical reactions that literally transform us physiologically from the inside out.  It’s occurring on an atomic and sub-atomic level – that’s how accurate and precise it is!

It is so delicious – merging our purpose with an intentional, deliberately created life. To help get you started on your path, I suggest starting a digital vision board called “My Life” on Pinterest.

What’s exciting to you? If you could do, have and be anything what would that look like?

My board contains images that evoke powerful, positive emotions. Writing books and creating digital content from home, a minimalist-modern home, family, living in Hawaii, an engagement ring, bucket list travel destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, South Africa, fitness, marriage etc. I regularly look at my board as reminders of what I’m creating and marinate in the emotions that come from looking at those particular images. That’s the good stuff right there. <3

Tell me: what’s your dream job? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 


12 Replies to “the magic ingredient in getting what you want

  1. Dream job, full time fitness instructor that earns > $50,000/year.
    If I could live anywhere in the world? Where ever it doesn’t hurt to go outside and where my family is. Summers in the mountains, winters by the beach.

    1. I have a feeling you’re going to become a FT fitness instructor someday. I can tell it’s something you’re passionate about and would give you flexibility with Liam. <3

  2. My dream job would be working abroad for a major soccer team in the community relations field and using their resources to support local clubs and organizations for the betterment of peoples lives! I’ve dreamed about this for a long time ☺️

  3. I’ve never known the answer to what’s your dream job. I feel like I have several answers and there’s an exception to each one. Not sure what this means about me! For an example I am a pilates instructor and I love teaching mindful movement but I hate selling myself to clients and didn’t enjoy driving for an hour to work for an hour.. etc. Maybe I just need to find the right work place? Or is that too specific? I don’t know. I always did it in addition to another job so maybe it was too exhaustinf and I’d enjoy it if it was all I was doing, but I’d be afraid I couldn’t make enough money.. etc. Anyways I love reading posts like this and will continue to follow for inspiration.

    1. There isn’t just one answer – our interests and passions change over time and that’s great! Our curiosity means we’re always following a path of bliss and it’s the whole purpose of life – to enjoy and create.

      It’s not too specific. Is it just about pilates though, or is it about serving others and helping them lead healthy lifestyles? The ‘why’ behind it will point you in the direction and it could mean many paths. There is very rarely one path. Life provides us with several opportunities to align with our souls purpose.

      1. Thank you for this response 🙂 The why is something for me to think about for sure! It has a lot to do with connecting with people in general, watching them be proud of themselves for doing something new/hard etc and also creative movement as I am a former dancer and find some of the same enjoyment in mind-body activities like pilates/yoga. I have a tiny baby (6 weeks) and a few months now until I go back to work.. I was working a job I don’t love (don’t hate though! restaurant industry) along with teaching.. Figure now is my time to think about what will be the best for me and my little family for work so something I am thinking about! Going back to working nights with my little one now seems not ideal/impossible.

  4. I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to open up a nature/yoga preschool in my city. I want to start holding yoga workshops for teens and Pre teens focusing on self worth, love, acceptance and reaching goals

    1. Do it! If I had a kid, I’d love for them to be involved in a nature/yoga program. You should look up Karen Ung (Play Outside Gal) & connect with her – she was creating something similar for Calgary pre-schoolers.

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