Life Lately + Accepting The Call

Isn’t this picture of me so silly? My good friend Sam recently took some shots of me and as much as these may look like ‘fake laughing basic b’ they’re 100% candid. It’s always non-stop lolz whenever we’re together. Sam and I have been going to Rumble Boxing and after a particular Booty Burn Bootcamp, our coach told us we brought such great energy to class. I’m pretty sure we spent the entire time making jokes, laughing hysterically and not working out. 😀

Gang! How are you? Soft snowflakes are falling outside, I’m cozied up in bed nursing a sore throat and it feels like the perfect time to catch up with you guys.  I’m long overdue on a life update for y’all. What’s new in your world? My life has been SO different over the past few months and I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle before writing this blog post.

I’ve been sick three times this month. Three! I’m not sure what’s up with my immune system, but I developed a minor cold shortly after New Years, which turned into a sinus infection and a round of antibiotics. Once I recovered from that, I came down with another bug – this time it’s in my throat and lungs.  I haven’t felt overly stressed or run down, but I’ve been at the gym almost everyday, so maybe I keep contracting germs there?!
I’ve been on a chia seed-fruit-peanut butter breakfast bowl kick lately!

I was looking through an old journal entry from one year ago and discovered some 2017 intentions and goals. They were: become a life coach and teach others how to purposefully create their own reality + dream lives, write a book on quantum mechanics + law of attraction, travel more, lead running groups in the mountains and transition into the health & wellness industry – FULL TIME.  It’s pretty darn crazy how intentional living works because  I’m currently doing all of those things and I didn’t have to try very hard to make them happen. I just…. asked and let that glorious shit in!
I know. Let me rewind a bit. Last summer, I felt drawn towards much greater and expansive things in my life and I knew the Universe was waiting for me to make a move by accepting it. Although I didn’t feel entirely ready, I sensed it was time to answer THE CALL. We all have a unique calling, by the way.  First, it began with ending a carefree, light relationship that wasn’t really going anywhere.  The more I journaled about what I wanted to experience within a relationship and life partner, the more I noticed that current relationship had run it’s course and we absolutely needed to part ways. I’m so thankful I’ve acquired past experience of generating courage, faith and resilience to move on when I instinctively know something isn’t good for me (or them!) anymore.

I sensed massive change coming before I saw it. Guys, the momentum I generated from accepting ‘the call’ was  like jumping onto a freight train barrelling down the tracks – full fucking throttle – and removing everything that was no longer aligned with me. Instead of making myself crazy over it, I allowed the Universe to handle it’s unfolding. All that was required of me was my willingness and participation. It wasn’t easy, but I trust life is always working out. I mean, I’m still here, after all.

An issue weighing heavily on my heart was my job in the mountains. I was  burnt out from commuting three hours a day, working 8+ hours and feeling like I wasn’t being true to my purpose – what I actually wanted to contribute and achieve with my time on this planet.  Even though I didn’t feel entirely ready (we never do!) I knew something had to give. And it did! Holy shit.  At the end of November, I got laid off and it didn’t scare me as much as it should have. I sensed it was going to happen when I was walking into a meeting and I heard an internal voice say, “IT’S TIME – and you’re going to be fine. It’s part of the plan”.  Truthfully, I felt relieved and this amazing sense of calmness and clarity enveloped me like a warm hug. I knew I was on my new, improved, authentic path. It felt like freedom. Knowing. Faith. Complete trust that I’m being led exactly where I need to go.

This is what a strong sense of intuition feels like – it takes practice to get there, but once you’ve strengthened and trust it, it becomes easier to make better decisions, and to stop being afraid of change and, well, LIFE. 

In early January, I quietly launched human x being coaching– a separate entity to Living Mint Green. I’m working 1×1 with people on professional + personal self development and improving all areas of life – particularly career and relationships. We strategize  dream jobs, taking career risks, earning more money, more time and freedom to do what we want, etc. With relationships, the trends are: how to know when to move on, how to improve existing relationships and of course, finding true love (which we all want!)

I’ve been creating personalized content and more intimate posts + e-courses for my human x being mailing list subscribers. If you want more personal and juicy life stuff, enter your email address on the right side of this page.  🙂

In addition to connecting with souls 1×1,  I’m writing a wellness book on how to utilize quantum mechanics and the laws of the universe to deliberately create the life you want. In an easy to digest kind of way. 😉 It’s a delicious merging of spirituality + science and truly, the essence of my human + being practice. We are comprised of duality and totality. We’re everything: darkness + light. Feminine + masculine. Bitter and sweet. Physical + non-physical. To live fully and fearlessly, we need to embrace and experience it all. We’re connected to everything and there is no separation from the energy that created us.

I was presented with an opportunity to join Orangetheory’s team (are we even surprised though? 🙂 I’m already there every day) and I’m feeling excited about immersing myself in Calgary’s fitness community in a more impactful way.

Moving onto my love life. Ha! Something truly wonderful and surprising happened when I embraced more of who I really am.  I found my great love when I wasn’t looking or trying. I’d always wondered what people meant when they said they instinctively knew a person was ‘the one’. In every past relationship and dating encounter, I’ve experienced doubt and knew they weren’t my happily ever after – even when I wanted them to be.

So yeah, I’ve been cautiously optimistic – the idea of soulmates and ‘the one’ sounded nice and all, but I was certain there were plenty of people I could be compatible with. But now I get it. OH, DO I GET IT. 😀 There was something inside of me that knew all along, guided me, provided me with emotions as an indicator as to what was wanted and unwanted.

It’s entirely different than anything I’ve experienced because I don’t have a sliver of a doubt this is my life mate. I JUST KNOW. It’s the same knowing I have about my  purpose, or that the sky is blue and I love peanut butter. I smile so much now. Everything makes more sense.  It’s as though I’ve always known him and we’ve always been together.  We’re picking up where we left off, reunited in this physical lifetime.  It’s the kind of relationship that sometimes makes me wonder, “Do I actually deserve this? How did I get so lucky?”   Deep comfort, resonance and love flows so easily and freely. I’m not afraid. It feels like the ultimate freedom. This union and person has exceeded my expectations on every level. I received what I asked for and so, so much more! <3 They’re a reflection of me.

It’s my wish for everyone to have this kind of next-level love and I’m confident it’s not exclusive to me – we can have ANYTHING we want and I love being the person to help connect other Beings to their desires, purpose and passions.

Anyway. After a very long hiatus, I’m easing my way back into yoga again. I’ve been going to Moksha Calgary, but I’m not sure if it’s the studio for me. I’m on a quest to take as many classes as possible during my month long trial before deciding.
I don’t like vinyasa and never really have. I prefer slower practices – like Bikram, Moksha and yin. I love a good yoga nidra too. My workouts are so yang (high energy) that I want my yoga practice to be a space for stillness and softness.  Honestly, I’d be content to just lie on my mat the entire time and meditate. Ya feel? What kind of yoga do you prefer?

I’ve been dreaming about Hawaii like CRAZY lately. Sometimes I wonder if my soul leaves my body while I’m sleeping and heads over to the islands for an 8 hour tropical vacation. Wouldn’t it be wild if I could take some time to finish writing my book there? 😉 Anything is possible!

Tell me:

What were some of your January highlights? What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

8 Replies to “Life Lately + Accepting The Call

  1. This is all awesome news, congrats to you. I just subscribed and look forward to reading more from you! Just wanted to say that while I struggle with my job/career and sometimes friendships, I was lucky enough to meet my amazing husband almost 8 years ago.. and the way you speak about your man (or partner) is exactly how I spoke about my husband when we first began dating (and still feel this way). I said I don’t know how I got so lucky or where he came from and even through trying times/moments, I have always KNOWN like 1000% that he is the man for me/life partner/soul mate. Doesn’t matter what it’s called, it is something I have been sure of since super early on (and that is a lot for someone who is indecisive in every other life aspect lol), it’s hard to explain this feeling because it just.. IS. Anyways.. yay love 😉

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. It’s nice to hear stories from other people and their ‘knowing’ as well. It’s hard to describe because I’ve questioned EVERY relationship in my life so far, but not this one. It’s the only one that makes sense, hahaha.
      YAY LOVE!! 🙂

  2. That “knowing” in a relationship is seriously the best feeling ever. I knew right away with my relationship that this was it. I went through a short period of feeling like I SHOULD doubt it, I SHOULD find flaws because of what others were saying about it and how quickly I fell in love and how quickly the relationship was progressing. But… when it feels right and it’s naturally flowing and comfortable, go with it!

    I’m so so happy you’ve found it and all of the pieces are falling into place.

    1. YES!! Anytime I purposely “look” for red flags or things to be concerned about I can’t find anything. Which says so much because I literally question and (over)analyze EVERYTHING. It was hands down, the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

  3. Unfortunately being a ‘wellness coach/life coach’ is all the rage these days, and you can jump right into it without any sort of training. What sort of training did you complete to begin this new chapter?

    Don’t get me wrong. Achieving goals is wonderful, and so is helping others. But with wellness coaching you can get into some pretty deep stuff regarding peoples emotions, mindset, challenges and life history, and having professional training would benefit this sort of coaching…

    1. I completely agree! Especially when it comes to nutrition, fitness and particularly mental health counselling – which I’m NOT providing services for. I don’t have specific protocols in place, nor is this for everyone. (I don’t actually tell anyone to DO anything, haha) It’s very much centered around energy healing, life mapping, strengthening intuition + more. If you have any university degree recommendations that could assist me in what I already know and practice, I’d so appreciate your advice! 🙂

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