Law of Attraction: What Manifesting actually is (+ what it isn’t!)

Hi friends. What is up? This morning, I had an idea (at 3am!) that it was a good time to write a Q&A blog post on Law of Attraction – particularly on the subject of manifesting.  There seems to be some confusion about what it actually is – we overcomplicate it. (We overcomplicate most things though, right!? ;))

If you have any additional questions about manifesting or even Law of Attraction – let me know in the comments!


What is it?

Manifesting is creating and the manifestation is the creation of thoughts and ideas turned into things, or reality.  I actually prefer calling it the creative process! It sounds less new-agey haha. It’s not asking or wishing for something, then expecting it to magically appear right now, or even tomorrow.

How do you ‘manifest’?

Through thought and action. Yeah, you have to take action! I don’t know why there’s a misconception that it’s about doing absolutely nothing and expecting results. We create our future lives in the present. We see the results of what we’re thinking, feeling, our beliefs, actions, habits, etc later on.  Most of what we create  (and dislike) is unintentional because we’re not in the habit of choosing thoughts that align with what we want.

When does it begin?

It begins with a thought or idea about something. The more attention we apply to a subject, the more powerful it becomes.  When an idea sparks emotion – you’ve tuned into the creative process.

What’s the easiest way to create more of what you want?

First, it’s not going to happen all at once and you’re not going to have all the answers before you start, so releasing the need to know HOW is a very good starting point. To begin, all you need to do is point yourself in the direction of where you want to go (aka. deciding what it is that you want). Then,  tuning your internal (emotional) environment to feel better about where you are NOW in relation to what you want (in the future). Being easy and relaxed about it, enjoying and appreciating life now.

We’re overly fixated on trying to turn our dreams into reality or the end result. What we actually love is knowing we’re powerful creators of our life experience. It’s the creating that floats our boat. We’re never going to get it all done, experience it all or be content once we get ‘there’ anyway!

If an “un-manifested” desire is creating anxiety because you don’t know how to make it happen, it’s extremely difficult to make positive forward motion because you’re more focused on the problem of ‘what is’ vs. the solution and eager anticipation of what’s coming.

Inspired, appropriate thoughts and the call to action comes when you’re in the receptive mode. Maintaining a practice of making yourself feel better first is the most efficient way. It doesn’t make sense to force action when you’re not feeling well.

The best time to take action is when you feel INSPIRED! You’ll know it’s the obvious, most logical next step in the process.

If you’re in a space of feeling terrible about life, that’s okay too.  You’re not going to immediately leap to feeling on top of the world. Day by day, hour by hour, moment to moment, if you can get yourself feeling a little bit better, a little more hopeful and optimistic each day, that’s perfect.
An easy way to get yourself feeling better is to start telling yourself, “I’m feeling better and better all the time. I’m moving forward. I’m getting closer…”

At first, it may feel a little forced or silly to tell yourself stories that aren’t necessarily ‘true’ right now. But they will be, soon! 🙂

Here are some examples from my life:

Over months of consistent strength training, I now see physical results of my hard work. It didn’t happen overnight, it was a process. Once I noticed my body’s changes, it’s not like I stopped working out. The momentum continues.  I’m motivated by the feeling I get while exercising –  energized, fit, alive, VITAL and it’s so cool to see how past workouts have helped me become stronger and more resilient.  I keep getting better all the time and there’s no limit!

With running events, I’ve appreciated the training more than race day. I feel a little sad once the race is over. It’s like, “now what?!” <– this is what life is supposed to be like, btw. You’re never going to be satisfied once you get “there”. We’re meant to grow, experience and create as much as we can! It’s a never-ending, always expanding journey.

On love and relationships, I looked at my past experiences, gathered what I liked about them, wrote down positive aspects in addition to other qualities that felt exciting to me.   I began journaling as if it was already occurring in real time. “I’m deeply in love with my partner and we have such an amazing relationship. I love that we connect on every level – mind, body and spirit. We share similar visions and life goals. We laugh so much, are best friends, we LOVE to travel, our attraction to each other deepens and intensifies with time, I love KNOWING they’re the one and I don’t question it…..”

None of that was happening ‘in the moment’, but now I’m living it. Writing it down and talking about it makes it feel more real, you see.  You have to write the story the way you want it to be and when it feels real and you don’t question it or hold it away with disbelief, that’s when it comes to you.

We make stuff up ALL THE TIME – particularly fearful, self-limiting stories. Doesn’t it make way more sense to make up good stories about our lives? I much prefer living and Being this way.

Does that help clear some things up for ya? 😀

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