work with me: human + being mentoring & coaching

Enrollment is open! Check out the bottom of this page for more info.

We’re human beings, not human doings. I’m here to remind you of something you already know:

You are the creator of your life experience and you get to be, have and do anything you want. So many of us believe this to be true for everyone else, but not ourselves. Why not you too? Seriously – WHY NOT? Imagine falling in love with your soulmate and co-creating an amazing life together. Having enough cash flow to start your own business, travel regularly or build your dream home. Enjoying a fulfilling career doing something you’re deeply passionate about instead of going to a job you hate.

If you can see it in your mind and believe you can have it, it’s already yours. 

human + being was created from the desire to reach a larger audience and teach others how to create their lives with deliberate intention. After spending several months working one on one with individuals in the Rocky Mountains, I’ve expanded my lifestyle coaching services to everyone. Your invitation to elevate yourself to new heights comes with a willingness to let go of the heaviness, lack and disbelief that weighs you down.

You can expect to:

  • Discover your soul’s calling, passions, purpose and get your life into alignment with what you truly desire
  • Understand how to create deeply fulfilling relationships and attract the perfect partner (your soul mate is looking for you, too!)
  • Increase financial flow
  • Create and land a dream job
  • Cultivate long-term sustainable health and wellness
    + more!

Services include:

  • 1×1 virtual mentorship and coaching
  • 1×1 face to face mentorship and coaching (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Public speaking events
  • Group wellness retreats

Are you in? Send me an email to learn more!