West to East

Before departing Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, we enjoyed one last sunrise: A final breakfast at the restaurant – actually Court did. I was still full from Roys. I drank coffee instead and watched him eat waffles topped with whipped cream, coconut syrup and local strawberries. Our breakfast friends: I ate a light breakfast at the […]

Mauna Kea Beach

“I love all the palm trees! I can’t believe how many there are!” “Look at all of the foliage!” “I wish we could eat all of our meals at Roys” “We’re so lucky” “Why is this pineapple so good?” Basically the only complete sentences to come out of my mouth in the last three days. […]

Island Eats & Treats

Fifteen minutes north east of Hapuna Beach is Waimea, a small town nestled among the clouds and rolling green hills. Court and I were in need of non-resort snacks and mini-meal options and headed there to stock up. The Big Island’s diversity is unlike anything I’ve seen before. One moment we were surrounded by dry, […]

The Kohala Coast

Court and I are devising a plan to live on the Kohala coast… forever. I’m tempted to throw my passport in the ocean so I never have to go home. (If only it were that easy, hey?) With views like this, can you blame us? From our lanai: No reef = ideal swimming and paddle […]

First Impressions

I haven’t stopped smiling since we stepped off the plane last night, and am loving everything about the Big Island so far. ┬áCourt and I are soaking up some sun at the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort for two days before moving on to our next destination. (I’m really excited to share it on the blog!) […]