(Hawaiian) Foodie Highlights

Pre-run fuel: 1 apple banana, pineapple, raw hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds with a splash of almond milk and a Yogurtland spoon. Court picked me up 6 miles in and I immediately chugged 1L of water mixed with Emergen-C. Oh, my poor stomach. Must remember to hydrate slowly. We then drove to Pahoa for […]

Maybe It’s The Aloha

I picked these flowers from the side of the highway. Aren’t they gorgeous? I made a beautiful bouquet for the patio table at the cottage. I don’t know what it is about Hawaii, but my running capabilities have drastically improved. I initially thought running in heat and humidity would be tough (sometimes it’s uncomfortable in […]

Waipio Valley

I ate a balanced dinner at Yogurtland on Wednesday night. Balanced meaning I had four flavours of frozen yogurt: Toasted Coconut, Kona Coffee, Devils Food Cupcake Batter and my favourite, Taro. Then, I added toppings ‘in moderation’ to the chocolate ice cream only. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oreo, cheesecake bites and toffee. For dessert, I put […]

Stop And Smell the Plumerias

After four days of relentless rain, a beach day was much needed. Early in the morning, we packed up the car and drove west. Up into the clouds, along the ‘base’ of Mauna Kea, then down to the dry, desert coastline. Hello, sunshine. Extra parking was available at Mauna Kea Beach Resort, which just so […]

Dessert First!

On Sunday morning, Court and I braved rainy weather and set out for Akaka Falls. As usual, a quick pit stop was made at the Pahoa Farmers Market for lettuce, pineapple and bananas. This is one of the bigger markets in the area, taking place every Sunday. How does everyone feel about me bringing home […]