Weekend Markets & Island House Shopping

“I think there’s an earthquake happening right now! The couch is wiggling from side to side and I feel weird!” I exclaimed. Court, who was 15 feet away making lunch, told me I was crazy. “It’s probably just a wind gust!” A few minutes later, we overheard our neighbor commenting on a tremor they felt, […]

Will Run For Ice Cream!

Happy Sunday! 🙂 Our patio gecko says, Howz It? A few days ago, I ended up in conversation with a local who introduced himself as Ted with a T. Yeah, thanks! Ted (with a T) struck up conversation by holding up a plastic grocery bag and yelling, “Do you want some ice?! Around here if […]

Paolo’s Bistro

We’ve definitely discovered the best meal on the Big Island. Paolos’s Bistro in Pahoa. After reading multiple  rave reviews about the authentic Italian cuisine, dinner was determined!  I left the restaurant smiling (and stuffed!) and for the next 24 hrs, I couldn’t stop talking about ‘one of the best meals I’ve ever had.’ Once the […]

Hawaiian Fruit Addicts

Good Morning/Afternoon? Pre-run: Post run: I ran about 4 miles – to the public lava viewing area in Kalapana and back. I came home a sweaty mess. Literally drenched from head to toe. (My forearms and calves were sweating!) Gorgeous. Later in the day, Court and I packed a picnic lunch and 4×4’d down into […]

An Afternoon In Hilo

Look at this little plate of seared Ono heaven. With sweet Maui onions, brown rice and lots of greens. Lovelovelove. We bought ono and ahi steaks from a fish market in Hilo and spent an afternoon exploring the ‘quirky and colorful’ town. I think quirky might be an understatement. If you’ve been there, you’ll know […]