The Kohala Coast

Court and I are devising a plan to live on the Kohala coast… forever. I’m tempted to throw my passport in the ocean so I never have to go home. (If only it were that easy, hey?) With views like this, can you blame us? From our lanai: No reef = ideal swimming and paddle […]

First Impressions

I haven’t stopped smiling since we stepped off the plane last night, and am loving everything about the Big Island so far. ¬†Court and I are soaking up some sun at the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort for two days before moving on to our next destination. (I’m really excited to share it on the blog!) […]

We’re here!

Well, Aloha Friends & Family! I don’t know what’s up with my regular Blogger domain, but it’s redirecting to an ad site. I was already in the works of transferring my blog to word press, so I’ll be posting from this domain going forward.¬† Lets rewind to yesterday – I have some new foodie finds […]

Raw Brownie Bites

Oh my goodness. I can’t get over how delicious these little brownies are. My Naturopath gave me a recipe for seed ‘snack balls’ recently, which inspired me to create my own version. They were supposed to serve as a travel snack tomorrow, but I think they’ll be demolished by then. You know those two bite […]

Honey-Miso Salmon & Kale

When it comes to travel preparations, do you leave everything to the last minute or prepare in advance? I think I’m a combination of the two – I begin organizing clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. into piles a couple weeks prior to the trip, but don’t actually pack anything until the night before. The nice thing […]