A really great day.

On Sunday morning, Nick and I packed the car with our hiking gear and drove to Canmore to meet up with a group of his friends who were visiting from Winnipeg. By happy chance, his friends requested a decent Canmore-based hike and not “Lake Louise” which delighted us. “Lake Louise” = drive there, stand at the […]

Life + Lovin Lately

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, eh gang? How are you? Here’s what’s new in my little world lately. I’ve been learning about energy healing and using crystals to ‘supercharge’ my life and assist me with achieving my goals. Throughout the years, I’ve collected crystals and stones here and there, but […]

What Happened When I Took Control of My Hormonal Health

Today I want to chat about a topic y’all know I’m particularly passionate about: hormonal health! I have talked about my own personal struggles and confusion regarding my cycles in various blog posts. Most recent is here – when I touched on my past experience with the hormonal shit storm that ensued for years after discontinuing […]