Beach Camping at Abraham Lake

Taking a break from my travels through the Continental Divide to tell you about my latest camping adventure at Abraham Lake. This particular area of the Alberta Rockies is a hidden gem that most folks aren’t aware of.  I didn’t even know it existed until it popped up on my Instagram feed a few years ago […]

Summer Vacation Recap: Waterton Lakes Crypt Lake + Birthday Fun!

When I began loosely planning our Waterton-Glacier getaway, one of our tentative plans was to complete the Triple Crown in Waterton: three specific hikes within three days: Akamina Ridge (20km), Alderson-Carthew (18km) and Crypt Lake (17.2km). After successful completion, you get your name on the wall of fame in Pearl’s Cafe. We figured if  Going-to-the-Sun road hadn’t opened […]

Summer Lovin’

Eee! The countdown to my first vacation of the summer is on. I know we should practice being present, grateful and joyous in the moment, but the week leading up to vacation always feels like a struggle because I’m eagerly anticipating all the fun that’s coming and mentally packing, creating shopping lists, etc. At least pre-vacation work weeks always feel extra […]