Big Island Love

Well… we’re back in Canada. Coming home from a trip is always bittersweet. I thought I’d be devastated after leaving Hawaii, but it’s nice to see our families, house and pets again. Living out of a suitcase becomes tiring after a while. Court and I booked a hotel room at the Marriott in Kailua a […]

We Found The Mangoes

Mango-fans, have you ever noticed that finding a decent mango is like chasing the dragon? A good mango is hard to come by – even in Hawaii. They’re either under-ripe and piney tasting, or over-ripe and piney tasting. In Kona this past week, the markets were overflowing with organic mangoes which sent Court into euphoria. […]

Easter In Hawaii

Happy Easter! Court and I are enjoying a feast over at Kaawa Loa. I want to bring Michael and Greg home with me – they’re both great cooks. My plate is just a small sample of what was on the breakfast buffet. Berry cobbler muffin (fresh from the oven) cheese quiche, smoked salmon, capers and […]

Maniniowali Beach

After the beating we took in the ocean yesterday, Court and I both require deep tissue massages and probably a chiropractic adjustment. What a workout – are we ever sore!ย  The discomfort was well worth it, though. Our favourite ‘ocean games’ are diving underneath the waves (I love opening my eyes and watching the wave […]

Makalawena Beach

The quest to discover Hawaii’s ‘best’ beach was accomplished in one day. After what we discovered yesterday, I doubt it can be topped.ย  We told a fellow b&b couple about our beach experience, and they too had to see it for themselves. At the end of the day, they were ecstatic and ‘couldn’t thank us […]

Ka’awa Loa in Kona

Aloha from Kona! Firstly, it’s HOT, dry and unfortunately, voggy. The first day we arrived the vog was so thick we weren’t sure we could last a week in Kona.ย  Our throats and eyes were irritated and we both had trouble catching our breath. Luckily it has cleared enough to make it tolerable. Court and […]

West to East

Before departing Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, we enjoyed one last sunrise: A final breakfast at the restaurant – actually Court did. I was still full from Roys. I drank coffee instead and watched him eat waffles topped with whipped cream, coconut syrup and local strawberries. Our breakfast friends: I ate a light breakfast at the […]

Island Eats & Treats

Fifteen minutes north east of Hapuna Beach is Waimea, a small town nestled among the clouds and rolling green hills. Court and I were in need of non-resort snacks and mini-meal options and headed there to stock up. The Big Island’s diversity is unlike anything I’ve seen before. One moment we were surrounded by dry, […]

First Impressions

I haven’t stopped smiling since we stepped off the plane last night, and am loving everything about the Big Island so far. ย Court and I are soaking up some sun at the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort for two days before moving on to our next destination. (I’m really excited to share it on the blog!) […]