We Found The Mangoes

Mango-fans, have you ever noticed that finding a decent mango is like chasing the dragon? A good mango is hard to come by – even in Hawaii. They’re either under-ripe and piney tasting, or over-ripe and piney tasting. In Kona this past week, the markets were overflowing with organic mangoes which sent Court into euphoria. […]

(Hawaiian) Foodie Highlights

Pre-run fuel: 1 apple banana, pineapple, raw hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds with a splash of almond milk and a Yogurtland spoon. Court picked me up 6 miles in and I immediately chugged 1L of water mixed with Emergen-C. Oh, my poor stomach. Must remember to hydrate slowly. We then drove to Pahoa for […]

Waipio Valley

I ate a balanced dinner at Yogurtland on Wednesday night. Balanced meaning I had four flavours of frozen yogurt: Toasted Coconut, Kona Coffee, Devils Food Cupcake Batter and my favourite, Taro. Then, I added toppings ‘in moderation’ to the chocolate ice cream only. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oreo, cheesecake bites and toffee. For dessert, I put […]

Hawaiian Fruit Addicts

Good Morning/Afternoon? Pre-run: Post run: I ran about 4 miles – to the public lava viewing area in Kalapana and back. I came home a sweaty mess. Literally drenched from head to toe. (My forearms and calves were sweating!) Gorgeous. Later in the day, Court and I packed a picnic lunch and 4×4’d down into […]

West to East

Before departing Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, we enjoyed one last sunrise: A final breakfast at the restaurant – actually Court did. I was still full from Roys. I drank coffee instead and watched him eat waffles topped with whipped cream, coconut syrup and local strawberries. Our breakfast friends: I ate a light breakfast at the […]